Lucio Overwatch: Best Support Hero in Overwatch 2, Auto Win!

Lucio Overwatch

Lucio Overwatch 2 is a hero character from the game series Overwatch. Not only the second one, its presence in the first Overwatch also adds to the uniqueness of the gameplay of every player who uses it.

Lots of players Overwatch which makes Lucio the main choice when the team lacks support heroes, due to his agility and speed.

Not only that, the healing he provides is not limited to just one player. Lucio can provide a healing effect to the entire team or anyone who enters his skill circle.

His agility is proven by his ability to stick to walls. This is very profitable, because apart from being a support hero, Lucio can also be relied on as an ambusher.

Want to know more about the hero Lucio Overwatch 2? The author has summarized the entire profile and everything you need to know about the hero Lucio, through this article.

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The Origin of Lucio

Lucio Attacking Enemy
Lucio Attacking Enemy. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Lucio's full name is Lucio Correira dos Santos. He was born and raised in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He lived in poverty before becoming successful as an underground DJ.

DJing is his choice of work. He felt he had to provide encouragement to the Brazilian community in the way he really liked, namely playing music.

At that time, Brazil was affected by the omnic crisis caused by the increasingly greedy Vishkar Corporation.

On one occasion, when the Vishkar Corporation tried to evict his hometown, Lucio did not remain silent.

He discovers that his father was once a major member of the freedom fighters, who had advanced technology to fight back.

Now, Lucio not only works for the community and is an underground DJ. He succeeded in penetrating the international market, by conveying the spirit of peace in every song he performed.

Lucio's Power Overwatch 2

Lucio Skills and Abilities
Lucio Skills and Abilities. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment) 

Talking about strength, during the fight, Lucio will equip himself with a gun-like weapon called the "Sonic Amplifier",

This main weapon can fire four bullets simultaneously, during burst mode with damage per bullet of 2o damage.

This weapon has a capacity of 2o bullets, which, if calculated roughly, you can fire 5 times in a row.

Not only that, Lucio also has the healing ability that all players rely on. Namely, Crossfade. This skill or ability can create a ring around the body which has an effect on the overall movement speed of teammates.

Apart from increasing speed, Crossfade also functions as a healing skill. There is one weakness of this skill, namely that it can only reach 12 meters from where Lucio is standing.

This means that teammates who are out of range will not get the buff from this skill.

Second, there is Soundwave. A skill that you can use to attack and defend.

Through his Sonic Amplifier, he will fire a sound wave which can have a knockback effect on the enemy.

Third, Lucio also has a skill called Amp it Up, which gives Crossfade an additional effect.

Lastly, the mainstay move for all players using Lucio is the Wall ride skill. This passive skill will allow you to climb walls after jumping.

When this passive skill is active, we will get a speed buff of 30 percent, as well as additional jumping range from one wall to another.

His ultimate skill is called Sound Barrier. This skill is very useful when being attacked, Lucio will open a green shield to protect himself and anyone behind him. Also, provides an additional 750 hp for 6 seconds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Overwatch 2

Lucio - Lucio Overwatch 2
Lucio Pose. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

The main advantage is of course in its healing skills and high mobility. Lucio can move places and also carry out ambushes at the same time.

That's all, if his weapon changes to Crossfade, he is able to provide healing and attack effects to enemies and teammates.

However, his high mobility or his way of walking which can stick to walls won't say much when he meets his natural counter hero.

Lucio's many hero counters make him less useful at times.

For example, when he met Torbjorn with his turret, and Symmetra with her speed that could match Lucio.

Suitable Hero Combinations with Lucio

In order to increase the chance of winning, Lucio is suitable to be combined with several heroes, such as Genji, Brigitte, and also Reinhardt.

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