This is the Latest Jhonson Mobile Legends Build, Kill Enemies With Deadly Collisions!

Build Johnson Mobile Legends

Check out Build Johnson Mobile Legends Latest in this article. Johnson, the name of this hero is certainly well known by many Mobile Legends players. The design that seems to be inspired by the Transformer that can be transformed into a car is of course an added value to its popularity.

But it doesn't stop there, Johnson is actually popular because he has skills that other heroes don't have. Johnson is told as an American Football player who is known to have a very sturdy body like a rock. When he ran down the stadium field, he looked like a big truck ready to crash into anything. This skill must be balanced with the correct Jhonson build. Without the right jhonson build, the skill won't work properly.

His popularity is indeed very high, so it is certain that every time he plays, his name is shouted the loudest. Johnson is also said to have won championships and reached the pinnacle of his career as a Quarterback and has millions of fans in the world. Unfortunately, not many players know correctly about this Johnson build.

So, as one of the heroes with a unique design, you need to know about the latest Jhonson build and it can lead to victory. But, before that you have to get to know some of the skills possessed by this hero.

Skill Johnson Mobile Legends

Passive Skill Johnson – Electro Airbag


When Johnson's HP is at 30 percent and below, Johnson will produce a shield that can absorb 300 (+ 700 percent Total Physical Defense) damage for 10 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 100 seconds.

Skill 1 Johnson – Deadly Pincers (CC and AoE)


Johnson will throw Spanner in the specified direction, opponents who are in this throw lane will be hit by 150 (+ 200 pesen Total Physical Defense) Magic Damage. Then in the area where this Spanner lands, the opponent will be stunned for 0.8 seconds.

Skill 2 Johnson – Electromags Rays (AoE)


Johnson will increase his shield and can deal 100 (+40 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage continuously to the area in front of him. This area is in the form of a fan and opponents in this area will receive a slow effect. Besides that, Basic Attack and the first skill can still be done even though this skill is active.

The Strongest Johnson Build

Courage Mask

Courage Mask Mobile Legends

Attributes: 700 HP, + 10 percent Cooldown Reduction, +25 Movement Speed.

Active Skill: Encourage – Increases Movement Speed of friendly heroes and heroes by 30 percent. Increases Physical and Magical Attack by 20 percent for 3 seconds. Cooldown 80 seconds.

Passive Skill: Bravery – Increases 10 percent Physical and Magical Attack plus Defense and 50 percent HP and Manage Regen for nearby teams.

Passive Skill: Devotion – You will not gain EXP and Gold from Minions or Creeps killed by teammates during the first 9 minutes.

The active skill of the Courage Mask item which increases the Movement Speed ​​​​and Attack of teammates is great to use as Support when in teamfights.

Warrior Boots


Attribute: +22 Physical Defense

Passive: +40 Movement Speed

Passive Skill: Adds Physical Defense of 5 to 25 points for each attack received, this effect will last for 3 seconds.

Price: 690

Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time Mobile Legends

Attributes: +70 Magic Power, +15 percent Cooldown Reduction

Passive Skill: Reduces Ultimate skill cooldown by 30 percent after getting a kill or assist.

Price: 2050

Fleeting is used so you can use Johnson's ultimate skill more often to frighten your opponent.

Blade Armor

Blade Armor

Attribute: +90 Physical Defense

Passive Ability: If an opponent attacks you with a basic attack, 25 percent of that attack will be returned in return.

Price: 1660

The Blade Armor item will increase the amount of Shield from Johnson's passive skill so that Johnson becomes more difficult to kill.

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Oracle Mobile Legends

Attributes: +850 HP, +42 Magic Defense, +10 percent Cooldown Reduction.

Passive Skill: Increases Shield Absorption and HP regeneration by 30 percent.

Price: 2110

With a fairly high Magical Defense attribute, Oracle makes Magic Damage which causes Johnson to decrease.

Apart from that, his passive skills make Shield of Johnson's passive skills even more.


Immortality Items

Attributes: +800 HP, +40 Physical Defense

Passive Skill: Revives the hero after 2 seconds of death and restores his HP by 15 percent while providing a shield that can absorb 300 to 1000 pts of damage. The shield lasts 3 seconds and this overall effect has a cooldown of 180 seconds.

Price: 2120

Needless to say, Immortality seems mandatory for all Tank heroes.

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That's the latest Jhonson Mobile Legends build that can kill enemies with its deadly collision. For Vicigers friends who use Jhonson, you can use the Jhonson build that we provide above.

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