Know the Weaknesses of the Miya Mobile Legends Hero

The Miya character is part of the Marksman hero lineup in the Mobile Legends game. However Miya Mobile Legends  this is not often encountered during the game. Even though Miya Mobile Legends has undergone a revamp from Moonton, it is still not very popular with Mobile Legends players.

It is because Miya Mobile Legends does have some drawbacks. Relying on it during war certainly does not benefit players. Instead of victory achieved but defeat is in sight. There are at least five weaknesses why the Miya Mobile Legends hero is not so well-liked by players, the full details of which are as follows:

Offers So Short Durability

The first weakness brought by the hero Miya Mobile Legends  i.e. having such limited durability. This weakness causes Miya Mobile Legends to be unable to do matches for a long duration so it's easy to get killed. Miya's durability is so low because her attributes don't produce great physical or magical defense. Miya has a low HP number and she doesn't even use any Defense items for her build. Nothing is effective in covering up these weaknesses. Because of that, Miya Mobile Legends must play it safe and never be barbaric. During the late game, players can change Movement items to Defense Immortality items, so that this Miya hero doesn't get killed quickly.

No Blink Skills

The next weakness brought by the Miya Mobile Legends hero is that they don't have blink skills. This weakness causes Miya Mobile Legends to be locked very easily when farming or fighting. Of all the skills that this hero brings, none of them produce a blink effect for Miya. In order to reduce these weaknesses, Miya's hero must be able to determine a position when fighting, then activate the Battle Spell Flicker or Purify.

Limited Crowd Control Skills

The weakness that this hero also bears is that it is limited in terms of crowd control skills. This weakness resulted Miya Mobile Legends  it's hard when you want to lock the movement of the enemy hero who is carrying out the attack. The fact is that this hero's skill can still produce a crowd control effect, it's just that this skill is very difficult to direct in battle. In order to overcome this weakness, once again, Miya Mobile Legends must be smart in determining the position so that it is not easily locked. Then you also have to often observe the enemy's position in the mini map so you don't get hit by an alley, then also move with your teammates during the battle.

Has Low Damage During Early Game

Another limitation that the hero has Miya Mobile Legends  which only produces small damage during the early game. Luckily only for the early game because during the late game this one hero is very overpowered. The damage controlled by Miya's hero is so low in the early game because it has physical damage plus all the skills it has without anyone producing true damage. As a consequence, Miya Mobile Legends can't play bar-style in the early game, it's slow when jungling plus it's easy to kill. There are no other tricks to fix this weakness other than by collecting as much gold as possible.

Cannot Play Solo Lane

The last weakness brought by Miya Mobile Legends includes not being able to play solo lane. These limitations must really bother teammates. Miya Mobile Legends can't play solo lane because she doesn't have blink skills and has limited damage in the early game. This factor makes it easy for Miya to finish off when she gets an alley from an enemy hero. Players can overcome these weaknesses by asking for support from the Tank hero to accompany Miya when farming the Gold Lane.

Heroes Miya Mobile Legends  with its various shortcomings, it causes it not to be liked by players. But that of course also depends on the ability of the players to play and place them during the battle. Okay, happy playing and winning Mobile Legends.

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