Best Khaleed Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

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For you Khaleed hero users, you really have to read this article to the end. Here, VCGamers will share about Khaleed's best gameplay tips on Mobile Legends 2022.

Khaleed the Desert Scimitar is a fighter hero in Mobile legends. He is a fighter specializing in Crowd Control (CC) and Damage. A rare combo for a fighter, but definitely one of the deadliest. 

Positioning your heroes correctly is a very important aspect of winning any fight in MLBB.

In this Khaleed gameplay guide, we will tell you how to position him and how to play with him in Mobile Legends during different phases of the game.

Khaleed MLBB 2022 Gameplay Tricks

In this guide, we will talk about Khaleed's gameplay tips, as well as about how to play Khaleed's gameplay correctly in Mobile Legends.

Early Game

Early Game

Start the game by clearing the offlane minions. This will make him level 2 easily. Try to grab the gold crab as quickly as possible and wait for the enemy in the bushes.

Khaleed's gameplay is great in the early game so you can play aggressive from the start, but don't overdo it or you'll just feed yourself. 

A little farming is needed so you can maintain the damage given. You need to maintain such a position that after initiation of the gank by the tank can follow it up and finish off the enemy with your combo.

In a gank, you have a role to finish. So position yourself accordingly. Try to take some kills early on, it will increase your damage mid game.

Mid Game

Mid Game

In the mid game phase try to take out some of the turrets and always get the gank last and finish everyone off. Help carry the team and protect him from enemy assassins.

Khaleed is really a nightmare for assassins because of his 2nd skill and passive. Try to do a solo push whenever you get the chance and do a lot of damage, because Khaleed deals the best damage in the mid game.

Late Game

Late Game

In the late game, Khaleed's gameplay is very strong but without any defensive items, he can be killed easily. So don't start a gank alone and always be with a tank.

Chase and stun enemies with their ult and use combos at the right time. Hide sometimes to mark the enemy take and kill him. Don't play solo in the late game.

By using this hero's ability, you must be able to finish the match quickly, kill the Lord if you have trouble winning the match. With the Damage he has, don't be a Marksman or Mage hero, even a Tank hero won't move when dealing with him.

Khaleed Gameplay Combo

This hero basically has two types of combos. The first without using Ultimate and the second using Ultimate.

For those who complete the combo will produce great damage and can finish off heroes with low HP easily.

Combo 1

Combo Skills

Because he Spins when using skill1, this will help you kill enemies quickly and also clear minion waves.

Use skill1 to spin and after each round use basic attacks to deal damage. Move according to the jump to recover passive and attack with basic attacks whenever full. This is a basic combo that he uses in all kinds of situations.

  • Skill1 + Basic Attack + Move + Basic Attack + Move + Basic Attack
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Combo 2

Combo Skills

Use this combo every time you enter a gang. But remember to aim well when using the ultimate because it moves slowly and targeted enemies can run away from it.

Make sure it hits the circle so you take advantage of the stun to deal as much damage as you can. Also remember to back off whenever health is below 50 percent health.

Retreat use skill 2 to heal quickly and again use combos. This is the best technique to play with.

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Hopefully Khaleed's gameplay will help you win many games after mastering it well in Mobile Legends. Good luck!

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