The Most Painful Gusion Build 2024 by Jonathan Liandi, Must Try!


Not only famous for being handsome, Gusion is also known as one Assassins the most popular ones that are widely used by players Mobile Legends.

Heroes specializing in Burst Damage and Magic Damage, it does have a high level of difficulty. However, once you master it, Gusion will become an unrivaled hero.

For you new users from Gusion or those who are old, let's try building the sickest Gusion 2024 styled by Jonathan Liandi. Curious? Read the article until the end!

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Gusion Mobile Legends Skills

Before finding out about Gusion's sickest build, it would be a good idea for you to also pay attention to the skills that this Assassin hero has. The following is a further explanation.

Passive Skills – Dagger Specialists

Gusion Skills - Dagger Specialist
Dagger Specialist. Source: Mobile Legends

Every time Gusion uses a skill, this hero's Basic Attack will also be strengthened to provide additional damage and restore HP for him. This skill can be stacked up to 4 times.

Skills 1 – Sword Spike

Gusion Skill - Sword Spike
Sword Spike. Source: Mobile Legends

Gusion will throw a dagger at the target and deal 200 Magic Damage (+50% Total Magic Power) and leave a mark on the first opponent hit.

When used again, this hero will move towards the marked opponent and deal 200 Magic Damage (+100% Total Magic Power) to them.

Skill 2 – Shadowblade Slaughter

Gusion Skill - Shadowblade Slaughter
Shadowblade Slaughter. Source: Mobile Legends

Gusion threw a bunch of daggers at the target. Each dagger will deal 100 Magic Damage + (40% Total Magic Power).

This skill can also cause a slow effect of 6% for 2 seconds on opponents hit by the dagger and can be stacked up to 30%.

When this hero summons his dagger again, every dagger that hits an opponent in his path will deal 65 Magic Damage + (40% Total Magic Power).

Ultimate Skills – Incandescence

Gusion Skill - Incandescence
Incandescence. Source: Mobile Legends

With his ultimate skill, this hero will move to the target location and reset the cooldown of his Sword Spike and Shadowblade Slaughter skills.

If Shadowblade Slaughter is used before the cooldown is reset, Gusion can throw another five daggers on the next use of this skill.

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The Most Painful Gusion Build 2024 by Jonathan Liandi

Jonathan Liandi's Gusion build
Jonathan Liandi's Gusion build. Source: Mobile Legends

Gusion's sickest build recommendation this time came from a former Pro Player who is also an influencer, Jonathan Liandi. Here is the build:

Ice Hunter's Arcane Boots

The item you have to buy first is the Ice Hunter's Arcane Boots. These shoes can provide an additional +40 Movement Speed and +10 Magic Penetration.

The unique passive of this item can deal True Damage 25(+3*Hero Level) + (1% Total HP) to the target and will increase by 100% for 3 seconds.

Genius Wand

Genius Wand is the second item you have to buy next. This item provides additional +75 Magic Power and 5% Movement Speed.

This item can help reduce the opponent's Magic Defense by 3 – 7 on a scale for 2 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times. Not only that, you will also get +10 Magic Penetration.

Glowing Wands

After purchasing the 2 items above, continue with the Glowing Wand. This item can add +75 Magic Power, +400 HP, and +5% Movement Speed to the hero.

The unique passive of this skill can burn the target for 3 seconds and increase Gusion's Magic Damage. This skill can be stacked up to 6 times.

Divine Glaive

This item can provide +60 Magic Power with the unique attribute +40% Magic Penetration. Gusion can gain an additional 0.1% Magic Penetration up to 20%.

Holy Crystals

The fifth item you must buy is Holy Crystal. This item can provide an additional +100 Magic Power.

The unique passive of this item gives Gusion additional Magic Power of 21-35% which scales with level.

Blood Wings

The last item is Blood Wings. This item can provide +175 Magic Power and additional +500 HP.

The unique passive of Blood Wings, namely Guard, will provide a Shield equivalent to 200% Magic Power and increase Movement Speed by 30 seconds as long as the Shield is active.

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So, that's Jonathan Liandi's recommendation for the sickest Gusion build for 2024. So, are you interested in trying this build?

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