Not Only Sea Halberd, Item Necklace of Durance Defends Enemy's Lifesteal!

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Hola Vicigers! Who here doesn't know about the Sea Halberd item, the Necklace of Durance Item Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)?

Well, before that we know for sure that MLBB is games designed for mobile users, in this game there will be 10 players divided into 2 teams where each team will compete with their respective heroes.

Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang itself is a MOBA genre game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is, you will be with several players in one arena and compete with the same goal.

Various features are provided in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and one of them is an item, until now there are not a few Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players who don't know all the items and their functions contained in the game.

The selection when purchasing items has an influence on the game, because these items will determine the course of the game, if you choose the wrong item then the hero you use in the game will be ineffective.

It is important for players to understand the function of each item in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can use these items to increase the damage of your heroes or increasecounters items from the opponent's hero.

Overview of the Item Necklace of Durance


The Necklace of Durance item or what people usually call the NOD item in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an item that is often used by mages or assassins.

For those of you who like to play using this hero role and don't use this item, usually your colleagues who are in the same team with you will tell you to buy NOD (Necklace of Durance) items.

Which Hero Is Suitable Using This Item?

Hero Yu Zhong Mobile Legends
Hero Yu Zhong Mobile Legends

This Necklace of Durance (NOD) item is great for countering the heroes Yu Zhong, Esmeralda, Khaleed, Roger and Uranus because these heroes have high HP and lifesteal regeneration.

Esmeralda Overpower 3 Hero counter here!

Besides that, this NOD (Necklace of Durance) item is good to use if your enemy has a healer and this item is also very good to use if your enemy has a large lifesteal or spellvam.


The effect of this Necklace of Durance (NOD) item is that it can provide additional magic power 60 points and can also reduce cooldown up to 5%. Plus with effects magical lifesteal as many as 10%, you don't need frequent recalls for HP contents.

The NOD (Necklace of Durance) item has a unique passive skill that can remove the shield from the enemy it hits damage. For opponents who have destroyed defenses, it will be easier to beat.

The Necklace of Durance (NOD) item also has the effect of reducing the opponent's HP regen, the opponent's HP regen that is hit can be reduced by up to 50% in just 3 seconds.

The consecutive passive effect of the Necklace of Durance (NOD) item in Mobile Legends can also be very fatal for an enemy who loses his defense, because 3 seconds is enough time to execute an opponent.

Sometimes the effect of the Necklace of Durance (NOD) item is rarely seen immediately, but opponents will be very wary of it, especially for heroes. lifesteal, namely Zilong and Alucard besides that they are also dangerous for heroes who have high durability like Esmeralda.

Before buying this item, you must know how to buy this item. First, you must understand hero skills first, then understand basic status, unique effects, and unique passives, and adjust them to existing game conditions.

How Much Does This Item Cost?

The price for this NOD (Necklace of Durance) item is 2010 gold, this NOD (Necklace of Durance) item is indeed recommended for mage or assassin heroes, but when you practice a lot you will sometimes feel uncomfortable.

Now you all know about the usefulness of this NOD (Necklace of Durance) item, starting from its effects, functions, how to use it and which heroes are suitable for this item.

Immediately play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your own account, use this item and feel how it works, as an item that can have the effect of holding the enemy's lifesteal. What are you waiting for, try it soon!

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