Using the Divine Glaive Item Has Full Damage Not Tasteful!

Divine Glaive Items

Hola Vicigers! Who here didn't hit the Divine Glaive item within Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)?

Previously, we knew for sure that MLBB provides many features that can be used to make the game more interesting, apart from being more interesting, these features are important for use in competition.

MOBA genre gamesMultiplayer Online Battle Arena) is currently in great demand by many people. This game will invite you to be with several players in one arena and compete with the same goal.

Games MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Moonton's best-selling production on the market gamers is MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) this game has triumphed since 2016.

Features to support the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are items, until now not a few Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players don't know all the items and their functions contained in the game.

The function of each item is very important to know because you can use items in MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) to increase the damage of your heroes or counter items from opposing heroes.

Before choosing an item, you must know its full use, because this item will determine the course of the game, if you choose the wrong item then the hero you use in the game will be ineffective.

The role of items in the game MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) has a variety of uses, some can be relied on for stun effects, some are used with the aim of doing damage periodically.

Heroes with typical magic damage are currently the prima donna and are often the subject of struggle in the MLBB game (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang), with a flexible META this item can be very useful.

One of them is the Divine Glaive item or what used to be known as Devil Tears, this item is a mage item that is very suitable for magical type heroes, this item is usually used against tank heroes who have thick magic resistance.

The status of this item is only +65 Magic Power, there are no other statuses, but its selling power is its passive, so don't rely too much on the magic power of this item.

The passive of the Divine Glaive item is +40% Magical Penetration, this addition is of course very large especially if the second passive is active, the second passive of this item is to increase magical penetration by 30% if we have more than 70% blood.

With this passive, no matter how high the magic resistance is, the damage you give to your opponent will still be great because it has been penetrated with this item, to maximize this item, try to make your HP more than 70%.

Heroes Suitable for Using the Divine Glaive

The first hero that is suitable for using this item is Pharsa because she is a burst mage who has high damage, by using a passive item from Divine Glaive, the burst damage can be very scary.


The second hero is Eudora because basically this hero has a lot of burst damage, the locking skill can kill enemies quickly, and this item will greatly maximize Eudora's performance.


The third hero that is suitable for using Divine Glaive items is Yve's hero because she is a hero with a magic dealer who can use Divine Glaive items optimally.

hero karina

The fourth hero that is suitable for using the Divine Glaive item is the Karina hero because with a very high damage capital as an assassin burst magic, Divine Glaive can really maximize this ability, especially when late game.


The fifth hero that is suitable for using the Divine Glaive item is the selena hero, as a support hero and damage dealer assassin which is not so bad, with the Divine Glaive item, the damage she can deal can be very high and consistent.

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Divine Glaive Price


Divine Glaive item can be purchased for 1970 Gold this item is very cheap, with its passive this item can have many advantages for the hero who uses it, this item is suitable for use in the late game because the opponent's tank has thick magic resistance.

You all already know about the ins and outs of this Divine Glaive item, starting from its effects, functions, how to use it and which heroes are suitable for this item.

Quickly log in to your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang account, each of you, use this item and feel how it works, as an item that can add damage, good luck!

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