Benedetta, Counter Hero Eudora The Queen of Thunder!

Hero Benedetta

Hola Vicigers! Who here doesn't know Eudora and Benedetta MLBB heroes (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)?

Previously, as we know that MLBB is a game designed for handheld smartphone users, in this game there will be 10 players divided into 2 teams where each team will compete with the hero.

MLBB game (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) as a MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is, you will be with several players in one arena and compete with the same goal.

One of the features in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the lineup of heroes, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a variety of heroes that are very popular among players.

Heroes are chosen by players according to their needs when playing, but there are also players who choose certain heroes because they are attracted by the appearance of these heroes.

The heroes certainly have their own strengths and weaknesses, our job as players is to understand the hero we choose so that the game can be effective using these heroes.

Overview of Eudora

eudora hero

Hero Eudora is a mage hero in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with his mainstay power, namely lightning which is used to finish off his opponents, Eudora is a scary hero because of his many skills and great damage.

Hero Eudora has great damage, and every skill she has can positively affect other skills, and this skill can be easily learned using Eudora's hero.

Passive Skill (Super Conductor), that is, when Hero Eudora can injure the target, the next skill can have special effects such as increasing damage and increasing the duration of the stun.

Skill 1 (Forked Lighting), namely, Hero Eudora can damage an area in the direction he wants, when the opponent is hit by a super conductor, the opponent's magic resistance will decrease by 15 points, this skill is effective for cleaning minions and sick damage.

Skill 2 (Electric Arrow), namely, Hero Eudora can attack opponents using electric balls. This will deal damage and stun the opponent for 0.75 seconds, but this skill can be thwarted by heroes who have immune skills.

Skill Ulti (Thunderstruck), namely, Hero Eudora can summon a thunderstorm and deal damage to the target, this skill has a long delay and is often thwarted by your opponent, you have to be smart to see the time.

The hero who can counter Eudora is Hero Benedetta, the most famous assassin hero in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, this hero is often seen when playing classic or ranked. He has complete skills.

Passive Skill (Elapsed Daytime), namely, Hero Benedetta has a swordout which if fully charged wastes using swordout slash in the direction she wants, and gives physical damage and decreases to minions, creeps and her opponent.

Skill 1 (Phantom Slash), namely, Hero Benedetta can move quickly and leave his shadow in front of this shadow will slash forward in a fan-shaped area and deal physical damage.

Skill 2 (An Eye fo An Eye), namely, Hero Benedetta can take up arms to protect herself and become immune to Crowd Control effects and block any damage within a certain time,

Skill Ulti (Final Blow), namely this hero can hold Alecto after that slashes forward with a short pause, this can cause a slow effect to all targets, attacking an opponent with a sword intent can give physical damage and a slow effect.

Benedetta, Counter of the Queen of Thunder


Hero Benedetta was first introduced by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on November 7 2020, you can buy this hero for 32,000 BP or 599 diamonds, how to buy it is Select the Store menu> Select the Hero Menu> Click the buy button.

Benedetta's way of countering Eudora is by using the An Eye for An Eye skill, where she becomes immune which can be used to thwart Eudora's Electric Arrow skill.

The item that must be used to support Benedetta is the Athena Shield item which is used for cover. When getting magic damage this item can reduce 25% damage for 5 seconds.

The second item is Radiant Armor which can be used to reduce the damage dealt by opposing heroes, so that our hero's HP does not decrease too much and avoid death.

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From this explanation, it can be concluded that Benedetta's hero is a hero that can be used to counter the Eudora hero, especially if Benedetta's hero maximizes his 2nd skill. What are you waiting for, play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, good luck.

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