Recommendations for the Strongest Counter Yin Items in Mobile Legends 2022

Using Hero Yin

To be able to beat him is not an easy job, he has crazy damage. You can beat him with this recommendation of the strongest Yin counter items. Anyway, it can make him afraid to fight you in Mobile Legends 2022.

Yin is one of the Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends who can deal a lot of damage, both at the start of the game and at the end of the game. This Hero Fighter also has a skill set that you can rely on in combat battles. He has the ultimate skill called My Turn.

The final effect of the skill is the ability to kidnap enemy heroes, send them to their area, and force the opponent to fight one of the heroes until one of the heroes is eliminated or until the skill's last duration runs out.

So, in this MLBB guide, we want to tell you some of the strongest Yin counter items in Mobile Legends 2022 to beat him. Want to know what are the list of Yin counter items? Come on, see the review of the following article.

List of MLBB Yin Counter Items

Antique Cuirass

Yin counter items
Antique Curiass

Yin's first counter item is Antique Cuirass. This object can withstand a lot of damage caused by its attacks. This item can provide an extra physical defense of 54 and 920 HP and an additional 4 rain HP.

The Antique Cuirass item also has a unique passive (Deter), which is activated when you hit its ability, Physical Attack is reduced by 8 percent in 2 seconds and can be folded 3 times.

Ultimate Skill 1 will give you a few rhythms, you need to buy something called Antique Cuirass. The passivity of this item is very useful, especially with other stats like 920 HP, 54 Physical Defense, and 4 HP Rain.

Passive then explains that if you are hit by an opponent's skill, their physical attack will be reduced by 8 percent in just 2 seconds. This of course can make him very weak, even with his stack up to 3 times. Assuming that Yin achieves a 24 percent reduction in physical attack, this will have a big effect.

Sea Halberd

Yin counter items
Seas Halberd

The Yin counter item that you must use is the Sea Halberd. This item is ideal for fighting him or other fighters who rely on strength. Sea Halberd can provide another 80 physical attacks and 25 percent attack speed to heroes.

Not only that, Sea Halberd also has a unique passive called Life Drain. The passive effect of this item activates once you damage it, reducing its Shield and Rain's HP by 50 percent within 3 seconds.

Queen's Wings

Yin counter items

Counter items Another yin is the Queen's Wings. Queen's Wings has a unique passive called Demonize. The passive effect of this item can reduce the damage received by 20 percent if HP is less than 40 percent, and can increase the hero's Spell Vamp by 25 percent in 5 seconds.

Not only that, Queen's Wings can also provide an additional 25 physical attacks and a cooldown reduction of 10 percent, as well as an additional 900 HP for heroes.

Thanks to Yin's ability to kill opponents, you can literally sit like this in just a few seconds. A very fast increase in stats from 25 physical attacks, 900 HP, and a 10 percent reduction in Cooldown will of course increase the chances of winning.

Then passive, even if the HP is below 40 percent, the enemy's damage is reduced by 20 percent. Then increase Spell Vamp by 25 percent for 5 seconds and this effect has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Blood Wings

Yin counter items
Blood Wings

Counter items The next yin is Blood Wings. This item will be able to strengthen its defense quite strongly, because Blood Wings can provide additional magic power of 150 and HP 400. So this thing can do a lot of damage.

Casing Blood Wings also has a unique passive called Guard. The passive effect of this item will provide a shield effect of 200 percent of magical power, and if it is destroyed, you will get an additional 30 shields.

The abilities we get from Blood Wings are very good, but unfortunately they only focus on Hero Mage. Yin can deal with passives while adding 150 magic power and 500 HP, making you stronger than before.

Then make 200 percent of your magic power into the passive shield. Then you get another 30 shields if the first one is destroyed by an enemy attack.

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Rose Gold Meteor

Yin counter items

The last Yin counter item is Rose Gold Meteor. This item will deal greater damage to the hero you use. The Rose Gold Meteor item can provide an additional 60 physical attacks and 5 percent Lifesteal, as well as 30 other magic defenses.

Rose Gold Meteor also has a unique Lifeline that activates when the hero's HP drops below 30 percent and creates a shield that absorbs 510 1350 damage and increases Magic Defense to 25 in 3 seconds.

It might take a few seconds to counter its attack. These additional stats provide 60 physical attack, 30 magic defense, and 5 percent physical life theft. Of course, thanks to its unique passivity, Yin allows you not to kill in any combination.

The passive skill is very useful if your HP is below 30 percent, you can create a shield that can attack up to 510 – 1350 damage (increases according to your hero level). He then adds 25 Magic Defense, this shield has a maximum duration of 3 seconds and cooldown reappears 40 seconds later.

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After you know what are the strongest Yin counter items in Mobile Legends 2022, you only need to know the attacks they will carry. This will only help for a while, so the rest should be yours.

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