Recommended Kimmy Pain Build Items 2022

The Painful Kimmy Build

You need Kimmya's recommended build items to increase her potential in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Apart from optimizing her skills and abilities, Kimmy's sick build items will also allow you to overcome this hero's shortcomings. Therefore, we must determine Kimmy's build items appropriately.

Kimmy is a hero with the Marsksman role in the Mobile Legends game. Those of you who want to use it certainly understand that attacks from this hero will hurt the opposing hero more when the required build items are properly arranged.

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So, before deciding on Kimmy's build item, of course we need to know the skills of this hero. This is necessary so that we are not mistaken when determining the most appropriate Kimmy build item.

Because when we mistakenly determine Kimmy's most powerful build item, it can have an impact on our game. In fact, at worst, you can become a burden for the team to win when dealing with the opposing team.

Kimmy Mobile Legends skills

The Painful Kimmy Build

Kimmy has a number of skills that we need to know. Not only know, we also have to understand Kimmy's skills that we can use in the game.

We need to know what Kimmy's skills are so we can determine the steps we will take in the game. We can also determine which skill we will use first.

Let's see, here are Kimmy's skills in the Mobile Legends game

passive – Chemist's Instinct

Kimmy's passive skill is Chemist's Instinct. This hero can move when using the skills he has.

You need to keep your distance from the opposing heroes and then launch an Attack at the same time.

This hero can move and aim in other directions when using the Spray Gun. However, these shots are often less accurate.

The attack from the Spray Gun that Kimmy does will recover 5 Energy if it hits. In addition, it will also provide (+23% Total Physical ATK)( +25% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) that scales with Level. The maximum is up to 15 percent but only benefits from 75 percent Magic Lifesteal.

This hero also doesn't get additional Attack Speed. However, it will convert the 10 percent Attack Speed he gains into 5 Movement Speed. He will recover as much as 15 Energy every time he eliminates an opponent's hero.

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Skills 1 – Energy Transformation

Kimmy's 1st Skill is Energy Transformation. Later, this Basic Attack hero will fire a Chemical Ball.

Each Chemical Ball will consume 5 Energy and provide 35(+23% Total Physical ATK)(+25% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) when he hits it.

Meanwhile, Chemical Balls that don't hit the target will explode when they reach the maximum distance. It deals damage to enemies around it.

You can use this skill to become Critical. However, you will only get a 40 percent Spell Vamp Kimmy benefit.

Skill 1 is suitable for carrying out attacks on opposing heroes from a long distance. When opponents are around you, attack as many opponents as possible.

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Skills 2 – Chemical Refinements

Kimmy's 2nd skill is Chemical Refinement. When using this skill, Kimmy will fire a strengthened Chemical Spray and retreat in the opposite direction.

Opponent heroes who are hit by Spray on the ground will be slowed down by up to 40 percent. Then, you will also receive 14(+30% Total Physical ATK)(+40% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) every 0.5 seconds.

At the same time, Kimmy recovers 30 Energy when she uses this skill. You can use this skill to run when being chased by an opposing hero by giving them a Slow effect.

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Ultimate Skills – Maximum Charge

Kimmy's ultimate skill is Maximum Charge. When using this skill, Kimmy will launch Luminous Chemical in the specified direction.

Furthermore, the projectile will explode when it hits the opponent's hero. Likewise when the projectile has reached its maximum range.

The attack will make nearby enemies take 83 percent Damage and the main target takes 130 (+100% Total Physical ATK)( +115% Total Magic Power)-238( +185% Total Physical ATK)( +211% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage).

Furthermore, this hero will recover 30 Energy when this ultimate skill hits his opponent.

You can use this skill to target them first. Use this skill to kill opposing heroes who are trying to escape.

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The Painful Kimmy Build 2022

After knowing Kimmy's skills, we will review about Kimmy's sickest build in 2022. Kimmy's sickest build needs to be known to optimize her abilities.

You can try Kimmy's recommended build items to maximize the game and abilities of this hero.

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots

The first item that is recommended for you to buy is Arcance Boots. This item is suitable for you to buy when compiling Kimmy's 2022 pain build item.

This item will provide additional Movement Speed and Magical Penetration.

Genius Wand

Genius Wand
Genius Wand

The next item you need to buy is the Genius Wand. This item will provide additional Magic Power and Movement Speed.

This item has a Unique Passive-Magic. When Kimmy deals Damage, the enemy's Magic Defense will decrease from 2 to 9 according to their level. This effect lasts for 2 seconds and you can stack it up to 3 times.

Ice Queen Wand

Ice Queen Wand
Ice Queen Wand

The next item is the Ice Queen Wand. You also need to buy this item to arrange Kimmy's sick build item.

You should buy the Ice Queen Wand because she has a Unique Passive-Ice Bound which can be useful for Kimmy.

Where, when Kimmy gives the opponent's hero Damage it will make the opponent's hero affected by the Slow effect of up to 15 percent.

Holy Crystals

holy crystal 2
Holy Crystals

The next item you need to buy is the Holy Crystal. This item will provide additional Magic Power for Kimmy.

The Holy Crystal has a Unique Passive-Mystery which will make Kimmy's Magic Attack increase up to 21% to 35% according to her level.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive
Divine Glaive

The next item is Divine Glaive. You need to buy this item when compiling Kimmy's sick build in the Mobile Legends game. You need this item because it gives additional Magic Power for Kimmy.

Glowing Wands

Glowing Wands
Glowing Wands

The next item that you must buy is the Glowing Wand. This item will also provide additional Kimmy Magic Power.

The Glowing Wand has a Unique Passive-Magic. Kimmy can reduce 2 to 9 magic Defense of opposing heroes when she deals Damage.

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