How to Turn Off Windows 11 Antivirus

How to Turn Off Windows 11 Antivirus

The function of being anti virus is to protect the device from virus attacks. But, you also have to know how to turn off the antivirus Windows 11.

There is an annoying thing when we install an application and suddenly the application does not work properly. Windows Defender may think that an installed application is a virus even if it is not completely virus free.

Therefore, disabling or turning off Windows 11 antivirus can be a possible solution if you are facing this problem.

Please note that Windows Defender cannot be completely removed, so it can only be disabled. For more details, let's go straight to the steps on how to turn off the Windows 11 antivirus.

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Windows 11 Antivirus Functions

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The advantage of using Windows Defender is that it is always on at all times. When we turn on the drive or browse to a site that is suspected of being malicious, you will be immediately warned that viruses and malware have been detected that can damage the computer system.

Apart from providing warnings, Windows Defender also removes viruses effectively and efficiently. Compared to many other antiviruses which delete files directly, Windows Defender only does this virus. To save the file, the title will not be lost.

If Windows Defender finds harmful viruses and malware on the computer, it must be completely removed first. However, if the type of virus is very bad, it can appear again and again.

In this case, Windows Defender will ask you to restart the computer. A few moments after turning it on again, the virus is gone, the title is clean. Oh yes, how to restart like that is highly recommended when cleaning viruses.

How to Turn Off Windows 11 Antivirus

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So, in order to install software regularly, you must disable your antivirus. Here's how to completely and quickly disable Windows Defender 11 at once;

  1. Click the Windows Start Button;
  2. Type Windows Security;
  3. Click Open in Windows Security Application;
  4. Go to Virus & Threat Protection Section;
  5. Look for Virus and Threat Protection Settings;
  6. Click Manage Settings;
  7. Disable Automatic Protection, Cloud-Based Storage, and Many Other Options;
  8. Done.
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When you disable some of these options, the security system will automatically close. You can install applications or open files marked as threats.

But keep in mind that the computer will be vulnerable to virus attacks from applications or data files after disabling some of these options. Therefore, it would be dangerous if left for a long time.

To provide protection, you can run Windows 11 Defender or install other antivirus software from other services such as Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, Eset, or Norton.

In addition, the time check system will continue to work because the items that are deactivated are only time checks. Plus, you don't have to worry about files or apps that were installed when Defender was disabled falling over to something else.

Knowing how to turn off the Windows 11 antivirus above is indeed easy to do. But, it's better to install it to avoid getting viruses on your device.

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