How to Make a Cake in Minecraft 2023

How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

There are various types of unique food in Minecraft, one of which is a delicious cake. How to make cakes in Minecraft is quite easy, players must first collect the appropriate materials.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to make cakes in Minecraft along with the materials needed. Before that, let's look at the following discussion about the use of cakes in Minecraft!

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Cake in Minecraft

Cake in Minecraft
Form a Cake in Minecraft

Cake is one type of food that players can make and of course it can be eaten in the game Minecraft.

The food can appear as a solid block like the image above. This shows that the cake is the only block that can be eaten.

In accordance with its shape, the cake in Minecraft contains sponge on the base with icing and cherries on top.

Unlike other types of food, cake cannot be eaten immediately. Therefore, the cake must be placed as a block first before players can eat it.

Each cake made has seven pieces. Each player eats one piece, player will restore 2 hunger points and hunger saturation up to 0.4.

At the same time, several players can eat the cake. Uniquely, the Java version of Minecraft doesn't have a sound when the player eats the piece of cake, it's different when the player eats other food.

After knowing the uses of keu in Minecraft, let's see how to make cakes in Minecraft below!

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How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

Making cakes requires materials that are easy to obtain. Before directly discussing how to make a cake, here's how to collect the necessary materials.

Gathering Materials

Cake Ingredients in Minecraft
Milk Ingredients for Cake in Minecraft

The first step to making a cake in Minecraft is gathering the necessary materials.

The materials needed are three buckets of milk, two sugars, one egg and three oats.

Players can get each of these materials easily. First, players can get a bucket of milk by using an empty bucket and interacting or right-clicking on a nearby cow.

Second, players can get eggs from chickens that leave them. Egg Players can find these in various places, one of which is in the forest biome.

Third, Sugar can be obtained by players from sugarcane and can only be eaten if you use it as a recipe ingredient, one of which is cake.

Finally, players can get wheat through farming or through chests when players explore dungeons.

After getting all the materials needed, it's time to discuss how to combine all these materials on the Crafting Table.

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Making a Cake with a Crafting Table

Crafting Table for Cake Making
Recipes for Making Cakes with Crafting Tables

Making cakes can players do with Crafting Table. First, put three buckets of milk that have been obtained from the cow.

Second, put the eggs you got from the chickens in the middle and surrounded by two sugars from the cane.

Finally, players must place three wheat in the bottom three rows according to the picture above.

After all the materials are placed as shown above, players can get a cake as a result of making it on the Crafting Table.

Thus the discussion on how to make cakes in Minecraft, I hope this is useful!

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