How to Raise the Maximum Level in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy maximum level

Hogwarts Legacy has a maximum level that can be achieved by players as the game progresses. However, maybe there are still those who are curious about the highest level in Hogwarts Legacy.

Although it has a concept open world, your character is deep games this can reach the maximum level. So later you won't be able to strengthen them beyond that level.

So, how to increase the level maximum players in Hogwarts Legacy? Let's see how in the following article!

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Maximum Level in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy max level - The character's max level
Hogwarts Legacy maximum number of levels. Source: ConCon/Youtube

The maximum level that players can reach in this game is 40. Once you reach that level, your character's development will stop.

This means, you cannot unlock all the available Talent points. You only need to choose to focus on one or two talents to improve.

Until now there have been no rumors or news indicating that the developer will add a higher maximum level.

However, increasing the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy may later be added in new game modes or content releases DLC.

By reaching the maximum level in this game, you will unlock the achievement trophy "A Forte for Achievement".

How to Increase the Maximum Level in Hogwarts Legacy

How to level up Hogwarts Legacy.
How to level up Hogwarts Legacy. Source: ConCon/Youtube

Because the maximum level is only 40, you don't need to rush to increase your character's level.

However, being at a high level will make it easier for you to access various quests in Hogwarts Legacy. This is because some quests require a certain level to be able to start them.

To increase your level, you must earn XP points from completing Field Guide Challenges, main story quests, and side quests.

Hogwarts Legacy maximum level - Quest
Quests in Hogwarts Legacy. Source: ConCon/Youtube

You can check the Field Guide menu periodically to check whether new challenges are available to play.

Increasing the level in this game is closely related to collecting Talent Points.

If you have reached the maximum level 40, then there are a total of 36 Talent Points that you can collect.

When you reach level 5, you can start collecting Talent Points every time your level increases.

With a total of 48 Talents spread across Skill Trees, you cannot maximize the points from all the existing Talents. You must choose 12 talents that you do not want to develop.

You have to choose what Talent you want to prioritize before spending the points you get. This is because you cannot change your choice once points have been awarded to a particular Talent.

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Tips for Choosing Talent in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy maximum level - Talent
Talents in Hogwarts Legacy. Source: ConCon/Youtube

How do you choose a Talent in Hogwarts Legacy? It all depends on how you want to play this game.

For example, you want to play as a character who has stronger magical attacks from the use of potions or plants. So, spend your points on Spells, Dark Arts, and Core.

Focus on talents that can increase your attack spells to become stronger so you can face tough opponents more easily.

If you like playing as a spy who is good at hiding, then prioritize your points in the Stealth section.

The Human Demiguise skill is very useful in allowing you to run while using the Disillusionment spell.

Basically, spending Talent Points on the Core part of the Skill Tree is a very good idea. Remember to look for more references before deciding you want to focus on a Talent.

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So, that's a brief description of how to increase the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy. So, have you decided what talent you want to strengthen?

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