Tutorial on How to Do Headshots Easily on PUBG Mobile

do headshots

Arrangement Settings

Arrangement settings done before starting games. Things to note when setting up settings is button layout, color crosshairs the most comfortable on the eye, as well as the level of sensitivity.

The level of sensitivity can affect the accuracy in shooting targets. Therefore, the level of sensitivity is needed when doing it headshot. To make it easier to lock onto the enemy's head, set it crosshairs to be in Head Level.

In this arrangement, the most important thing is the comfort of each player while playing games. So it would be better if buddy gamers make your own arrangements.

Arrangement Sensitivity PUBG Mobile


The sensitivity of this camera works when open scope. Fake The sensitivity of this camera is directly proportional to the direction of the cursor scope at PUBG (Player Unknown's Battleground) Mobile. To be able to set PUBG camera sensitivity Mobile which is very easy.

First buddy gamers just need to enter the mode training, then select a weapon. Make sure the selected weapon is the mode single shot then take all scope which is available. Last do test by directing open scope.

ADS Sensitivity PUBG Mobile


ADS Sensitivity function to hold recoil at the time of shooting guns mode auto or spray on PUBG Mobile. Setting-an sensitivity this is fake most important in PUBG Mobile.

Method settings :

First, change it ADS Sensitivitylow level first then go to training mode. Choose a weapon recoil as low as aug /m416 full to seek ADS Sensitivity best.


Second, test the weapon you have chosen by shooting the wall from the shortest distance and make sure to shoot the mode auto or spray.

Third, for settings ADS without scope, choose a weapon open scope spray without scope items or red dot inside it. Do spray and control recoil, if the shooting distance is close the bullets are still random even though they are resistant recoil this, means you have to raise it.

Camera Sensitivity


Sensitivity used to change the direction of view player to character games in various directions in a state without aiming or open scope in games this. Sensitivity will be directly proportional to the cursor response.

When player shoot, camera sensitivity (free look) this will have no effect on recoil. For fellow gamers users Android smartphones under 6 inches, set the sensitivity under 130%.

PUBG Mobile Gyroscope Sensitivity


Sensitivity gyroscope serves as a sensor used to detect rotation on the device smartphones buddy gamers. Sensitivity This can be activated in the PUBG settings menu Mobile.

Items needed when doing Headshots

While playing games PUBG Mobile of course the players are not needed skills shoot especially when will do headshot. Of course it is needed items which can support the player To do headshot well.

items one needs player while doing headshot among others:

Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight has a high degree of flexibility. Items these are perfect when paired with a few weapons like AR, SMG, even a gun. This item can also be used as an alternative weapons if you don't already have scope long range.

Items This has the advantage of not being sighted player when used like Iron Sight so moment items This is used to create views player better.

6X Scopes

Just like Red Dot Sight, 6X Scopes also has a high degree of flexibility to perform headshot. Items this can be put to use AR long range. Items it's easy to get to ground loot and be an alternative to Score Sniper as well as DMRs.

Guilie suit

Guilie suit can get player through Water Drops. Items very useful for camouflage on area open, suitable for those of you who want to do headshot. Because when using items this time, the enemy would not be able to locate the whereabouts player.

Player recommended use suppressors when using guilie suits this. It aims to sound weapons The sound produced doesn't sound loud and lures the enemy closer.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades serves to block the opponent's view through the smoke it produces, suitable for performing headshot. The thick smoke it produces can player use to do rush against enemies while in the Building.

Besides that items this can also be used player to run away from the enemy when the situation is urgent. Items this is very suitable for use when doing fashion games duo or squad.

Level 3 Helmets

Item level 3 helmets serves as a means of protection that can protect the wearer's head from enemy attacks. Besides that, items this is also used to intimidate enemies when performing gunfight.

usage level 3 helmets can reduce damage which was great when received headshot

Extended Quickdraw Mag

Extended Quickdraw Mag has a dual function, namely besides being used to add bullets, items this works for me tooreload speed getting faster.

para player PUBG Mobile use items for gunfight in closed range. Items this too is items favourite player.


Compensator is weapon attachment items which many people are after player on PUBG Mobile to do head shot. Compensator serves to reduce recoil very well especially when used on AR, DMR, and Snipers.

How to Choose the Right Weapon

one success player while doing headshot is the selection of the most appropriate weapon. Recommendations for the right weapon to use for headshot is AWM. Unfortunately not all player can get AWM.

So try using it snipers like Kar98K, Win94, and M24 to do headshot long distance. But if playing at close range, choose UMP or UZI.

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