How to Counter Hero Mei Overwatch 2, Understand the Skills!

May Overwatch 2

May Overwatch 2 is one of the heroes who has deadly skills and is quite troublesome for his opponent. If you don't know how to counter this hero, you will die typing a duel with him.

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard Entertainment's newest game in the genre hero-shooter, with the game being a sequel to its long-running predecessor, Overwatch in the esports scene. 

This game boasts a huge community of fans and supporters around the world who enjoy great game experiences that are always in high demand.

This game has a total of three role classes, Tank, Damage, and Support. Mei Overwatch 2 is an unconventional damage hero with some of Overwatch 2's most unique abilities that make her the Ice Queen in any mode. He comes from Xi'an, China based on his story in this game.

This hero has a total of three abilities excluding his main weapon, which allows him to survive on the battlefield much longer than most other heroes can.

How to Counter May Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has brought over all the old heroes and maps, with Blizzard introducing minor changes and tweaks to all of the characters. This has helped them to transition smoothly and fit better in the 5v5 format, which is different from the original 6v6 that was in the prequels.

Mei Overwatch 2 is a Damage hero that utilizes the power of freezing cold water which can have a negative impact on the enemy hero's movement speed. He could incapacitate them with frostbite, making them easy targets for take down in seconds.

Understand the Skill

May Overwatch 2
May Overwatch 2

He can use a main weapon that can freeze enemies at close range and also handle ranged combat with precise mechanical aim. Here is a list of all his skills;

  • Endothermic Blaster (Primary Fire): He can fire a controlled spray that slows down enemy heroes.
  • Endothermic Blaster (Secondary Fire): The same weapon can fire charged shots at a longer range which can heavily damage enemies.
  • Cryo-Freeze (L- Shift): She can freeze herself and become immune to incoming damage, healing herself while frozen. 
  • Ice Wall (E): Mei can create an ice wall at a set location in front of her that breaks after taking a certain amount of damage or after a short duration.
  • Blizzard (Ultimate): Launches a weather control drone that freezes enemies within effective range and is a wide area based ability.

Use the Right Hero To Fight It

Overwatch 2
Best counter hero Mei in Overwatch 2

He's not the strongest hero but can be a staunch damage-dealer when protected and played properly. He can quickly target more than one enemy and also block flank routes to take down foreign heroes on the map.

The most effective Overwatch 2 heroes that can defeat him in any game mode are Pharah, Sombra, Widowmaker and Soldier 76.

Pharah is a good counter for Mei as she can stay in the air for a long time. This helped her keep her distance from Mei's main gun and shoot her with the rocket launcher. He can also upgrade Mei's walls and constantly put pressure on the enemy team.

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Sombra is a good counter for Mei as she can go behind enemy lines undetected. He can silence the latter ability, making him just a slippery target trying to take cover or retreat towards his teammates.

Sombra can also quickly position himself to safety if Mei defeats him, and try to take him down again after rejuvenating.

Widowmaker can beat Mei with one clean shot from great distance. She can also send multiple shots at Mei to force her to use her cryo ability to heal, which makes her a silent target as soon as she comes out of her frozen state.

Soldier 76 is an aggressive answer to Mei's freeze ability. She can heal herself with her biotic field and dives to beat Mei with regular bullets as well as a clean sweep from the Helix Rockets. He can also run and cover more area while knocking Mei out of range of his main weapon.

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Here are some of the best heroes to take on Mei Overwatch 2 and take away her annoying ability to slow down the progress of the whole team. These heroes also need to be wary of players who use them when fighting directly with the enemy team.

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