How to Activate PUBG Mobile Gyroscope

How to Activate PUBG Gyroscope

Do you want to improve your playing skills PUBG Mobile? If yes, you need to know how to activate the gyroscope. This feature can help you aim and shoot more accurately.

Gyroscope is a feature that can be used to help you aim and shoot in PUBG Mobile.

This feature uses sensors on your smartphone to track cellphone movements and adjust the direction of the shot.

So, this time we will discuss how to activate the PUBG Mobile gyroscope, so that your gameplay gets better and you can get more kills.

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How to Activate PUBG Gyroscope

pubg sniper pro player settings
Gyroscope. Source: YouTube.

Gyroscope is a feature that optimizes gameplay PUBG Mobile Each player uses sensors on their smartphone to track movements and adjust shooting direction.

In other words, when you move your phone, your shot will also move accordingly. Cool, right?

If you want to activate the gyroscope in PUBG Mobile, follow these steps:

  • Open PUBG Mobile.
  • Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Control Settings.
  • Tap Gyroscope.
  • Slide Enable Gyroscope to On.

Once you activate the gyroscope, you can adjust its sensitivity according to your preferences. To do so, tap Gyroscope Sensitivity and change the value.

The following is an example of the best PUBG gyroscope sensitivity commonly used by pro players on YouTube:

  • Gyroscope Y: 200-250
  • Gyroscope X: 150-200
  • ADS: 50-100
  • Scope 2x: 40-80
  • Scope 3x: 30-60
  • Scope 4x: 20-40
  • Scope 6x: 10-20

This sensitivity can be adjusted according to each player's preferences. For example, if you find it difficult to shoot with high sensitivity, you can lower the value.

On the other hand, if you find it difficult to keep up with fast-moving targets, you can increase the value.

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Tips for Using the PUBG Mobile Gyroscope

Playing PUBGM games. Source: YouTube.

Here are some tips for using the PUBG Mobile gyroscope:

Practice Regularly

The more often you use the gyroscope, the better you will master it. You can train in practice mode or in non-ranked matches.

This can help us control the recoil of the weapon by moving the phone in the opposite direction of the recoil.

Start with Low Sensitivity

You can increase the sensitivity along with your abilities. Sensitivity that is too high can make your shot unstable.

Use for Aiming and Shooting

Don't use the gyroscope to move your character. This will make your aim inaccurate.

Moving the phone to aim and shoot feels more natural and intuitive than using a joystick or virtual buttons.

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Set Sensitivity According to Your Preference

You can adjust the sensitivity of the gyroscope for each type of weapon you use. You can also practice shooting at moving targets. This will help you to aim at moving targets more accurately.

Keep in mind that using a gyroscope requires practice and patience. You need to get used to the movement of the gyroscope sensor and adjust its sensitivity according to your preferences.

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If you want to become a better PUBG Mobile player, activate the gyroscope and start practicing.

With regular practice, you will master the use of the gyroscope and become a stronger player. Hopefully this article is useful. Happy practicing!

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