How to Get Xavier MLBB Hero, Try Now!

Xavier MLBB

Hero Xavier officially released in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Moonton on Tuesday 22 March 2022.

Of course, all Mobile Legends players can have Hero Xavier MLBB. Then, you can use it to compete against the opposing team in the Land of Dawn.

You can easily have this hero with the Mage role right now.

You only need to take a few steps to get Hero Xavier MLBB.

Moreover, the appearance of this hero is also very cool and attractive. So, it will make you more confident when dealing with your opposing team.

In particular, MLBB players who are used to using the Mage role will certainly be interested in having this hero.

With blue hair and a gray cape, this hero looks really cool.

He looks very strong and can eliminate opponents who face him in the mid lane.

How to Get Hero Xavier MLBB

Xavier MLBB
Xavier MLBB

All Mobile Legends players have the same opportunity to be able to have this hero.

You can get it very easily.

Xavier's presence in the game is certainly good news for Mage hero players in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Because they get additional options to be able to play the Mage hero.

Here's how to get it!

Login to the Mobile Legends Game

Xavier Mobile Legends okay 1
Xavier Mobile Legends.(Source: Aceunyil Gaming)

The first step you have to take is to log into the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Make sure that your smartphone already has the game. If not, then you need to download it first.

For novice players, make sure you already have an account.

If so, you can start by entering the game.

Select the Heroes Menu

Xavier Mobile Legends Skill 2
Xavier Mobile Legends.(Source: Aceunyil Gaming)

When you enter the game lobby, you can select the hero menu at the bottom.

You can select that section to enter.

Choose Mages

Xavier Mobile Legends Basic Attack
Xavier Mobile Legends.(Source: Aceunyil Gaming)

After entering the hero section, you can choose Mage.

It's on the fifth line.

Find Xavier

Xavier Mobile Legends

After that you can look for the hero you want, namely Xavier.

You can directly click on it.

Later Xaxier will appear and on your Smartphone screen.

Hero Training

Xavier Mobile Legends Ultimate
Xavier Mobile Legends.(Source: Aceunyil Gaming)

There is a hero training mode if you want to try it first.

You can try it to feel the sensation of playing Mobile Legends using this hero.

Also, choose another hero to be against Xavier in that hero's training mode.

Try every skill Xavier has in MLBB.

Then, arrange the most appropriate combo for that hero.

So, you will be more prepared to use it in the game.

Purchase Diamonds

VC Markets

You can buy Mobile Legends diamonds directly.

Or, you can also buy diamonds at VC Market by VCGamers.

Prices for diamonds in Mobile Legends on the VC Market also vary.

MLBB diamond prices on the VC Market are also competitive and available attractive discounts at VC Market make whole Vicigers.

You can easily buy MLBB diamonds on the VC Market.

You only need to have a VC Market account and enter the official website. After that, select a category and select Top Up.

Then, click on Mobile Legends and you will be redirected to a page showing a number of shops that sell Mobile Legends diamonds.

After that, select a store. Then, follow the trading method in the store. Select add to cart and checkout.

After checkout, you need to fill in the data according to what is presented in the trading column at each store.

If you have, then you only need to choose a payment method.

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VCGamers Marketplace Support Team Service

After selecting and sending payment you only need to wait for the product you bought.

You don't need to worry about shopping at VC Market. Because, you can contact the seller directly with the existing features.

Apart from that, there is also a complaint column if you want to give suggestions and input.

Try it now by starting to register at VC Markets.

Buying Heroes

Xavier Mobile Legends Passive
Xavier Mobile Legends.(Source: Aceunyil Gaming)

If you've tried playing with Xavier and you already have diamonds, you can buy the new hero right now.

Moreover, currently there is a discount that might help you to own Xavier at a lower price.

You can have it only by exchanging it with 419 Diamonds.

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The total diamonds that must be exchanged to be able to have this Xavier hero have been discounted from the initial price of 500 diamonds.

You certainly don't want to miss getting this hero, right? Especially when there is still a promo.

You can have this hero easily, try it right now and immediately have Xavier MLBB!

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