Hero Nana Emblem Marksman? What happens?

hero nana

Hero Nana, Who Is She?

Hola Vicigers! Nana is one hero mage that could be role support also in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Heroes it is very petite and cute like a cat. But even though she's petite, don't get me wrong, Nana has great strength.

Hero Nana has abilities Crowd Control tall one. Especially skills The 2 that Nana has has an effect disabled and ultimate also effect stun. skills Nana's passive also makes it difficult for her opponent to kill her.

As heroes with role Mage, Hero Nana is suitable as a support against high-powered enemies. Nana can mix Magic, Speed, and damage to support the team in the fight. Heroes It is capable of facing tough fights.

Apart from acting as mage or support, Nana can also be used marksmen because the basic attack can be faster than hero mage other. Because Nana's attack was long range so heroes this can be used support or marksmen.

The advantages and disadvantages of Hero Nana that you need to know. Here are the advantages Heroes Nana:

  • Have crowd control the good one
  • Have damage area
  • Can help the team speed up in collecting gold

Weakness Heroes Nana:

  • No escaping skills
  • Very dependent on other people

Comparison of Nana with Emblem Mage, Support and Marksman

When Nana becomes mage you guys can use items this :

Arcane Boats this will improve magic damage and also +40 movement speed Nana. Items this adds +15 magical penetration

Items it can thicken heroes Nana with an additional HP of +615. This HP is huge by comparison mage items other.

Items this can also give +60 Magic Power, and +600 Where. Besides that items it has skills Unique-Time passive that adds +25 HP and +4 Magic Attack every 20 seconds.

Items this can make the opponent unable to regenerate his HP in a few seconds. Items this too can reduce skill cooldown, increase durability and +60 magic power.

Neclace of Durance give 10% magical lifesteal and +5% cooldown reduction. Neclace of Durance item can reduce the effect regen from an opponent of 50% for 3 seconds with Unique Passive-LifeDrain.

Items it will add damage big and less colldown skill-its Nana. Items this will give 10% cooldown, +300 where, and +75 magic power.

Additionally every 6 seconds skills the next one will bounce and give 20-1000 magic damage to up to 3 opponents with Unique Passive-Resonate it has.

Holy Crystals will give +100 magic power. Besides that items it also gives a Unique Passive-Mystery boost i.e magic attacks +21 to 35% (can upgrade levels)

Items this could give +5% movement speed, +75 magic power, +15 magical penetration and also carries a Unique Passive-magic which gives damage on the opponent to reduce 3-10 magic defense those that last for 2 seconds and can be in-stack up to 3 times.

When Nana becomes support you guys can use items this :

  • Magic Shoes
  • Feathers of Heaven
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Divine Glave
  • Immortality

Then when Nana became Marksman you guys can use items this :

Items this will add +40% attackspeed, +20 movement speed, and 10% crit chance. Besides that items it has a passive skills which gives magic damage 150-362 which is active after committing basic attacks 3-5 seconds.

Items third there scarlet phantom which will give +30 physical attack, +20% attack speed and +25% crit change. Besides that there is passive skills which gives 30% attack speed hero, and an additional 5% crit chance.

Endless Battles very suitable for use by Nana as marksmen who rely on damage from basic attacks and crit chance-his. Items this will give effect truedamage when Nana uses basic attacks to the enemy.

Items this will give +170 physcal attack and +5% movement speed. It is perfect for late game to make Nana sicker.

So for those of you who want to try Nana with emblems and marksman items it will be effective enough to be hyper.

Use build such to be Nana as heroes feared by the opponent. For those of you who are curious about what Nana will become with  emblems and marksman items please try it.

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