Swiper! These are the 5 Fastest Tower Thief ML Heroes

To be able to get victory easily, you can take advantage of the Tower Thief ML Hero in the Land Of Dawn.
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Like swipers, these 5 tower-stealing ML heroes can be very fast in taking enemy towers. You can use it to get wins easily.

As a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends requires you to win by destroying the enemy base. That is, you have to destroy towers in enemy territory and "defend" the team base.

The faster you destroy the enemy tower, the faster and more likely you will win. No matter how much it kills and helps, if you don't destroy it, don't expect to win.

To win, the team usually uses tower thief ML heroes. In the MOBA world, turret theft is referred to as a rattling strategy, aka split push. These "mouse" heroes will usually mount separately from their teammates engaging in group battles and then launching and taking down towers with one hand.

List of the Fastest Tower Thief ML Heroes

One strategy to destroy this defense is to separate yourself from the team and quietly destroy it or known as pressure. Some heroes have high skill and flexibility in pushing. Here is a row of the most agile tower-stealing ML heroes.


Tower Thief ML Hero

Call him the most reliable tower thief ML hero, it's illegal not to mention Zilong's name. Yes, even though it's free, this hero is willing to "give" even more with his ability to push.

This hero inspired by the character Zhao Yun in the story Romance of the Three Kingdoms has basic stats for attack speed, basic attacks, and high speed moves.

This makes it very strong to take down towers and kill enemies immediately. To destroy the tower quickly without moving, you must use the Ulti skill which speeds up attacks and movement.

You can use it to destroy towers or even run away if enemies try to target you. Especially when the level is high and the goods are ready. The formation of the enemy team is guaranteed to be destroyed, due to confusion between the push/team fighting forward or defending the tower.


Tower Thief ML Hero

When Zilong was called the King of Tower Thieves, Miya was his Queen. As previously mentioned, Miya is known as a Marksman hero with strong driving skills.

Miya has strong attack and movement speed, which makes her effective at pushing things away. The second skill can also immediately destroy the tower.

Not to mention the first skill of shooting three arrows at once. Especially when it's enhanced with lots of custom push stuff. Not only a front pressure expert, Miya can also be assigned to prepare the tower. Thanks to his combination of skills, he is very famous and good at deceiving enemies.

His Ulti skill can take it out within 1.5 seconds and increase its speed. Although this vanishing ability is short, it can be effective if you are good at crying or running fast in the forest.


Tower Thief ML Hero

Roger also joins the ranks of the fastest tower-stealing ML heroes. With his two forms, Roger can have the ability to attack and defend.

Roger can attack and cause great damage in the form of a werewolf. When Roger is in danger, he becomes a man and can easily escape.

That's what got Roger good enough to build pressure towers. If you look closely, Hero Turret Thief has unique abilities that are different from the others.

Another example is Roger, a werewolf who finds it very difficult to die. Roger is a hero with two roles. He can be both a human-like shooter and a wolf-like Fighter/Assassin.

Each shape has a different capacity. In wolf form, Roger can quickly destroy towers with his high attack speed.

If forced, Roger can turn into someone who makes him jump forward and run faster. Roger also has strong fighting skills while in wolf form, which allows him to kill any enemy that comes after him.


Tower Thief ML Hero

Natalia is without a doubt a heroine with the ability to revive herself. In addition to long attacks, Natalia also has the ability to disappear 5 seconds after leaving the bush.

This ability is very useful for creeping pressure or sudden attacks on enemies. Compared to Lancelot or Alucard, the split push strategy is more effective than Natalia.

Two heroes are more effective in teamfight than split push. This veteran hero is actually less famous than the previously mentioned Assassin hero. In fact, Natalia has a special ability that Mobile Legends players will always forget.

Natalia is endowed with unique abilities, thanks to which she can rightfully be called a real killer. His passive skill makes him invisible for 5 seconds while hiding in the bushes for 2 seconds.

Besides being dangerous for enemy heroes, the loss of skills helps him become good at stealing towers. Even enemies will be confused as "suspected" tower thieves, who will later disappear without a trace.

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Tower Thief ML Hero

Queen Markman, Layla is a female hero with great driving skills. Of all the shooters, Layla has the highest attack range and also high damage. Layla's attack range is able to overcome the tower's attack range.

This way you can shoot your opponent's tower safely. Because of these two things, Layla deserves to be called a heroine with good push skills.

Layla is very good as a push-tower hero because of her wide attack range, great damage and fast attack speed.

Once at the maximum level, Layla will be able to destroy enemy towers without minions, this is because Layla has a wide attack range, so she can shoot towers from a distance without getting too high in the tower area.

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While this may seem very effective, in reality the rat or split push strategy actually requires calculation. The more aggressive you push, the more aggressive the enemy will defend the tower and direct you. So before you choose the tower thief ML hero above, it's a good idea to think twice.

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