5 Most Effective Cici MLBB Counter Heroes

There are a handful of brave heroes who can tame and become counters Cici MLBB, ready to restore balance to the Land of Dawn.

Since his arrival, Cici, the YoYo maestro, has dominated the battlefield, destroying defenses with vicious, spinning attacks.

Its wide area ability ensnares anyone who is careless, and its lifesteal is almost eternal. The players were made nervous.

However, there's no need to worry. There are several heroes who can counter Cici effectively. Here are the 5 most effective Cici MLBB hero counters.

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Hero Counter Cici MLBB

You can use several of the heroes below to fight him.

Yu Zhong

Counter Arlott
Yu Zhong. Source: VCGamers

Yu Zhong is a Fighter hero who has very strong sustain abilities. This hero has a high lifesteal effect, so he can easily survive in battle. Apart from that, Yu Zhong also has a Crowd Control skill which can interfere with his movements.

The high lifesteal effect on Yu Zhong allows him to easily survive the battle against Cici.

Cici has high damage capabilities, especially in her wide skill area. However, with a high lifesteal effect, Yu Zhong could easily recover his HP and survive.

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Counter Gusion Chou MLBB
Chou MLBB. Source: VCGamers

Chou is a versatile Fighter hero. This hero has excellent crowd control abilities, so he can hinder Cici's movements.

Apart from that, Chou also has high mobility skills, so he can easily avoid Cici's attacks.

Chou has excellent Crowd Control abilities. Chou has two Crowd Control skills that can interfere with his movements, namely Thousand Pounder and Jeet Kune Do.

Thousand Pounder can be used to push her in the desired direction, while Jeet Kune Do can be used to stun Cici.


Hero Counter Terizla
Terizla. Source: Mobile Legends

Terizla is a Fighter hero who has high damage abilities. This hero can easily destroy Cici's defenses with his skills. Apart from that, Terizla also has Crowd Control skills which can interfere with Cici's movements.

Terizla has very high damage, especially on her ultimate skill, Corrosion Scythe. This skill can provide great damage and also has a slow effect which can slow down Cici's movements.


Guin ML, Counter Cici MLBB
Guinevere (Source: Score ID)

Guinevere is a Mage hero who has very strong Crowd Control abilities. This hero can easily lock down Cici with his skills. Apart from that, Guinevere also has high mobility skills, so she can easily catch up with Cici.

Guinevere has three skills that can provide a Crowd Control effect. His 1st skill, Celestial Strike, can have a stun effect. His 2nd skill, Starlight Shadow, can have a slow effect. And his ultimate skill, Ultimate Move, can provide stun and knock up effects.

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Khaleed, Mobile Legends HD Wallpaper, Counter Cici MLBB
Khaleed. Source mlbbdesign.com.

Khalid is a Fighter hero who has high mobility abilities. This hero can easily chase Cici and cause a lot of damage.

Apart from that, Khalid also has Crowd Control skills which can interfere with Cici's movements.

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Cici is a very strong hero, but there are several heroes who can counter her effectively.

By using the right Cici hero counter and applying the tips above, you can beat her easily and win the match. Hopefully this article is useful for you. Have a nice play!

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