How to Sell Cars in GTA Online

Selling GTA Cars Online

GTA V Online has a wide selection of cars that you can sell. By selling cars in GTA V Online, you can get rewards in the form of a certain amount of money, depending on the car you are selling.

Selling cars is one method of earning money. However, this method is not very efficient compared to other methods such as Heist.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to sell cars in GTA Online. For those of you who want to get some money, let's see the discussion below!

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How to Sell Cars in GTA Online

You can do various ways to earn money in GTA Online, one of which is selling cars.

You can sell cars to earn money. There are specific locations where you can go to sell cars and get money in return.

But before that, you must have a car first. After getting the car, you can sell it.

The following are detailed steps that you can follow to benefit from selling cars in GTA Online.

Get or Steal a Car

GTA Online Car Selling Price List
Car Price List for Sales Version 1.24. Source: Imgur/FFCrusader

There are various types of vehicles that you can get in GTA Online. This open world game provides a variety of vehicles that are always on the streets.

You can steal the vehicle and then sell it. You need to know that you usually can't sell rare cars.

After getting the car you want to sell, then go to the nearest Mod Shop or Los Santos Customs.

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Go to the Mod Shop or Los Santos Customs GTA Online

GTA Online Car Selling Locations
Los Santos Customs Locations. Source: YouTube/Real Archaic

You can navigate the trip to Los Santos Customs via the Map or Interaction Menu. Through the Map, you can see the words Los Santos Customs on the right.

Los Santos Customs has a spray logo. When you find the spray logo, you can choose a waypoint to make the trip faster.

Apart from the Map menu, you can use the Interaction Menu. Through the Interaction Menu, you can directly select a waypoint towards the Mod Shop or Los Santos Customs.

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Select the Selling Car Menu at the GTA Online Shop

Sell GTA Online Cars at Los Santos Customs
Sell GTA Online Cars at Los Santos Customs. Source: YouTube/Tech & Design

After arriving at Los Santos Customs, there will be an option to sell. This Sell option will appear below, so you have to scroll down first.

You will get rewards according to the quality of the car. If there is a Mod installed on the car, then you will also get an additional fee.

To see the price range available for the car GTA Online, you can see the first image in this article.

According to various source, there is a cooldown or time limit of up to 20 minutes to sell a car.

Therefore, the method of selling cars is not a method to get money quickly in GTA Online.

According to the author, selling a car is not a quick way to earn money. If you want to earn money then doing a Heist is the best way. However, you should do it with other players to make it easier.

Thus the discussion on how to sell cars in GTA Online. For game top up needs, come on VC Markets by VCGamers!

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