Gameplay of Android Grand Criminal Online Multiplayer Game

Grand Criminal Online is a multiplayer action game with an open world concept released by Jet Games FZ-LLC for the Android platform.
Grand Criminal Online
Grand Criminal Online. Source: GCO games

Grand Criminal Online is an action game multiplayer with concept open world which was released by Jet Games FZ-LLC for the platform Androids.

This game has various criminal action elements that are similar to the popular game from Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

For those of you who are GTA fans and who are looking for a similar themed game on Android, let's look at the brief description of Grand Criminal Online below!

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Gameplay Grand Criminal Online

Gameplay Grand Criminal Online
Gameplay Grand Criminal Online. Source: PlayStore

Grand Criminal Online (GCO) is currently quite popular among fans of games like GTA who are also Android users.

Even though it has only launched the beta version, this game has been downloaded by more than 10 million users spread all over the world.

GCO provides quite extensive character customization features, where you can choose the facial features, hairstyle and clothing style of your character.

You can also buy some supporting accessories that are no less cool using in-game currency.

Grand Criminal Online - Custom characters
Character customization feature. Source: Grand Criminal Online

While playing, you will be given various missions from one person NPCs named Castilla who will be waiting for you in the Safe Zone.

The Safe Zone itself is a special area that is safe for the characters because no one will attack you here.

Grand Criminal Online - NPC Castilla
Castile. Source: GCO

This also applies to you. Passive mode will be active when entering the Safe Zone, you will not be able to attack people inside the building.

The character controls in this game also have a simple appearance with player movement buttons on the left and buttons to perform various other actions on the right.

With its open world concept, you are free to explore every corner of the city, make noise by beating civilians, and looting various types of passing cars.

Occasionally, you will also meet a group of criminals or police who are ready to attack you at any time. So, make sure you are always alert and carry a weapon or two.

Grand Criminal Online Weapon
Weapon selection in GCO. Source: Grand Criminal Online

For weapons, this game provides many choices. Starting from short-range weapons such as baseball bats to long-range weapons such as air rifles, everything is available.

Required resources such as medkits or bulletproof vests are also scattered in various corners of the city so they are very easy to find.

One of the features that is highlights in this game is a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with family and friends.

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Can Grand Criminal Online be played in Indonesia?

Grand Criminal Online Preview
GCO game preview in Indonesian. Source: Grand Criminal Online

After listening to the brief description of the gameplay above, you might be interested in trying out this game on your Android device.

However, is this game available in Indonesia? To date, GCO has been officially released in 137 countries on 4 continents.

If you play this game from Indonesia, you will play on the Asian server (Singapore).

For those of you who are not proficient in English, you don't need to worry, because once you install it, this game will automatically run in Indonesian.

Even though some translations may sound strange, it is certain that you can understand the features of this game well.

Even though there is no special server available for Indonesia, the connection you get on the Singapore server also remains stable and doesn't have much of an impact on playing performance.

Until now there is no further information about whether Indonesia will have its own server as is available in other online games such as Mobile Legends.

However, there's no harm in trying the beta version while waiting for Jet Games as the developer to fully launch it in the future.

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