Goddess of Genesis, Very Interesting Gacha

In an RPG game with an Anime look, Gacha is a really challenging feature. Here players will try hockey to get new characters based on Rarity or rarity. The rarer the character is, the player is said to have a successful gacha. The Goddess of Genesis also offers gacha with a high probability of success.

However, it's not just about gacha, the Goddess of Genesis game also offers a classy gameplay mechanism. There is still a lot to offer the Goddess of Genesis, read on for the review below.

Captivating Anime-Style Visuals

The first time playing Goddess of Genesis, players are immediately amazed at the visual appearance that is on par with those made by big developers from Sakura country like Konami or Bandai. Players can see for themselves the details of the characters with flexible facial gestures, stunning 3D background displays and various other details. The addition of voices for each character is also very detailed. Each character is filled with supporting voices following the ongoing story so that the game feels alive.

Various Features Available

Completeness of features is a part that must exist in an RPG game. And the developer Goddess of Genesis has also included a number of exciting features that will make the game even more exciting. When entering the game the player is given a lobby view including a gyro feature. That way players can see the background of the lobby can shift according to the player's movements when moving the cellphone. Then players can observe the characters clearly to take screenshots. Then when fighting, players can change the angle of view from any position up to 180 degrees to make the battle not boring.

Turn Based Battle

The matches in Goddess of Genesis are generally almost the same as The Seven Deadly Sins mobile, although they don't use the card method. Formation patterns during battle and also the use of elements are the same points. In the Goddess of Genesis the sequence of attacks follows the pattern that was laid out earlier. Furthermore, players can determine the skills available for each Hero when launching an attack that is limited by cooldown. Then another impressive aspect, when activating the Hero Defender it automatically protects all other Heroes when it gets an opponent's attack.

When the battle starts, the player can also arrange the formation of the Hero they have where there are four slots for a formation. Players can also arrange presets and then save them to face opponents with certain elements so that they can get an advantage in stats if the Hero element they have is higher than the enemy team.

The game starts by playing the main story which contains a number of levels. Each level is not only completed through battles, players can also play the available mini games including arranging symbols to open levels, or shooting FPS when defending areas from attacks by monsters. The levels in Goddess of Genesis are grouped into two types, namely Normal and Elite. The Normal level requires players to complete the same story but it gets more difficult but offers more rewards. Besides the main mission, players can fight in challenge mode or Arena if they want to fight other players.

Gacha System

In Goddess of Genesis, a gacha system is offered which has a high rate. Usually in games you will only get one basic SSR plus a standard Hero. Goddess of Genesis not only offers a gimmick, but players are given the opportunity to get SSR more easily. Then in a number of other gachas, if players don't get SSR, at least they will get SR characters which are quite important. Do not get common items or characters that are not equivalent to the fees paid following the gacha. Even if players don't get SSR, they can still complete rarity upgrades with items from the desired Hero. So there are still other options available to get it outside of gacha.

Even though the Goddess of Genesis gacha method is so good, the fact is that what makes this game really fun is its meticulous visual appearance plus attractive gameplay so that players can be more creative in designing strategies to achieve victory for each battle in various conditions. Then the players can be more excited so they can raise the Hero. It's just that, because Goddess of Genesis is not a grinding game, players can run it casually, especially for players who don't like grinding systems.

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