Recommended List of Free Steam Games that You Must Try!

free steam games

Free Steam games are a platform that invites players to play games via PC.

Steam itself does have various kinds of games that gamers can choose from, starting from games free to free.

However, it doesn't rule out the possibility that free games are also fun to play.

So, here are some recommendations for a list of free Steam games that you can try to play.

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Dota 2

how to increase mmr dota 2

One of the PC games that you can play for free and has many fans from ancient times until now is Dota 2.

This game has become the basis for various E-sports tournaments which are held every year with quite large cash prizes.

Dota 2 was developed by Valve, and designed by the creator of Dota 1, namely Ice Frog.

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Apex Legends

Valkyries Apex Legends
Apex Legends Valkyries. Source: Apex Legends.

Apart from games with the MOBA genre, the battle royale genre is also popular among gamers in the world, especially after the success of the PUBG PC game.

In this case Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts joined forces to make the game Apex Legends on February 4, 2019.

This game has a concept that is almost similar to Titanfall 2 in terms of texture and lighting, as well as extraordinary graphics for a free game.

In an effort to compete with PUBG PC, Apex Legends introduced a class system for characters that can be called Legends, each with different roles and advantages, offering a richer variety of gameplay.

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free steam games
Source: Steam

This game with a small file size is actually a fun game to play.

But don't worry, this game can also be played with friends via a multiplayer system.

Brawlhalla It contains four players competing against each other, this makes this game a game that has a competitive feel, and this game also provides various characters that you can choose from.

With this character, you can adjust it to your playing style, so you have more freedom in fighting enemies.

Then, this game also presents various arenas that are ready to provide every game with endless challenges.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

free steam games
Source: Youtube

Comes with legendary game titles, Counter-Strike is present in the Steam version of free games and is very fun to play.

FPS game and included in the game with the Tactical FPS concept, this game invites players to work together to win the match.

You can also become a Terrorist or Counter Terrorist and can compete with each other on strategies, and you can play this game together with your friends.

Communication and cooperation are one aspect of achieving victory, so it is highly recommended that you prioritize these two things to become the winner of this game.

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Doki Doki Literature Club

doki doki free steam games
Source: Steam

The last free Steam game recommendation is Doki Doki Literature Club, this game that looks cute, cute and sweet has psychological terror in it.

Developed by Team Salvato, this game looks like a game that has a visual novel in general.

But the storyline in this game can provide jump scares and there are also games with horror elements that you would never expect.

If you are a typical problem solver and like visual genre games, then there would be no harm in trying to play this game.

Because this game is available for free and can be played with fairly low PC specifications.

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With some of the free Steam game recommendations above, you can play one of the games above.

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