RansVerse FAQs


FAQs RansVerse can make it easier for players who want to access or buy assets in it.

RansVerse is the first metaverse project in Indonesia built on the collaboration of VCGamers, Shinta VR, RANS Entertainment and UpBanx.

We've summarized a number of frequently asked questions by RansVerse players and potential players in the RansVerse FAQ.

It is hoped that the information contained in the RansVerse FAQ can answer the questions of RansVerse players and potential players.

RansVerse FAQs

RansVerse FAQs

There are a number of questions included in the RansVerse FAQ.

Let's see:

Q: What is RansVerse?

RansVerse is the first metaverse project in Indonesia built on collaboration between VCGamers, Shinta VR and RANS Entertainment and UpBanx.

Within this collaboration, VCGamers acts as a blockchain infrastructure developer, RANS Entertainment acts as an intellectual property owner, Shinta VR as a metaverse world developer and UpBanx as a financing and liquidity partner.

Q: What platforms are available for RansVerse?

  • Desktop Apps (Windows)
  • Mobile Apps (Android IOS)
  • Oculus VR Devices

Q: Can I Login from multiple computers?


Q: Can I have more than one ID on RansVerse?

Yes, with a different WALLET address.

A: Should I Pay to Create an account on RansVerse?

No, Account Creation is Free, but you need to link a WALLET address to buy and sell assets.

You can also play without connecting a WALLET address with guest mode.

Q: What are the Mechanisms Offered by RansVerse?

VR, AR, MR, AI, Walk, Jump, Chat, Talk, Dance & interact.

Q: How to Connect WALLET?

  • Enter page RansVerse
  • Select the Buy Land menu
  • Then, click Menu Connect WALLET
  • Connect WALLET (Trust Wallet, Metamask, Safepall)

Q: If I Lose My WALLET, What Will Happen to My Account?

You will lose tokens and NFTs. Ensure the security of the WALLET address because it is your personal responsibility.

Q: How do I request a refund?

There will be no refunds as the NFT becomes an asset

Q: What Can We As Players Do?

Every Player can buy and sell LAND, use Characters, Cosmetics & Group System for a great experience journey in RansVerse


Players can buy and sell LAND using $VCG.


The character will consist of a whole body with cosmetics or collectibles. Players can use free avatars or purchase limited edition NFTs including face shapes, body shapes, closthers, emojis, and dance moves. Get limited edition NFT characters to play in the metaverse from Notable artists


Players can change cosmetics, buy them from NPCs or buy premium items in the NFT market using $VCG

Group System

Players can create temporary groups to organize activities together such as meetings, outings. People can chat and talk in groups for private talk.

Q: What is LAND?

LAND is a digital piece of real estate space in the Ransverse metaverse that players can purchase using $VCG. There will be 24,000 LANDs available in total making up the Ransverse Map.

There are 2 Types of LAND in the Ransverse:

Residential LAND

  • common
  • Exclusive (LAND which has a strategic location)

Commercial LAND

  • Clusters
  • District
  • County

Q: What's the Difference Between the Types of LAND?

  • SINGLE LAND: 1×1 or equal to 1 LAND
  • NEIGHBOURHOOD: 2×2 or equal to 4 LAND
  • CLUSTER : 4×4 or equal to 16 LAND
  • DISTRICT : 6×6 or equal to 16 LAND
  • COUNTY : 8×8 or equal to 64 LAND

Q: What Can You Do with LAND?

Now, you can choose your role in the Ransverse. Your role will influence what you can do with LAND:

  • Buy LANDS
  • LAND building
  • Land rent
  • Sell LANDS
  • Event Host
  • Playing games

Q: How to buy LAND?

  • Become a $VCG Holder
  • Entered into RansVerse.
  • Select BuyLAND.
  • Select the desired land.
  • Click Buy LAND
  • Connect with your crypto wallet (TrustWallet, Metamask, Safepal, Wallet Connect).
  • LAND Enabled (Smart Contract Call)
  • LANDS can be purchased.

Q: How to Buy VCG Tokens?

Currently, you can buy $VCG Token on Indodax, Pancakeswap and Uniswap. Here's the tutorial:

How to Buy $VCG Token on Indodax
How to Buy $VCG Token on Pancakeswap
How to Buy $VCG Token on Uniswap

Q: Can I Earn Money from RansVerse?

Yes, to earn money from RansVerse you can become a creator who makes and sells NFTs, buys and rents LANDs to hold events.

Q: What are the tools needed to start building on RansVerse?

  • LAND Studios
  • AssetStudio
  • Avatar Studios

Q: How do I become a RansVerse Designer?

Fashion Designer: NFT Fashion Design can be designed by Architect/Designer using Avatar Studio feature. Players can purchase NFT designs for their faces, bodies and clothing.

LAND Designer: LAND Design can be designed by Architect/Designer using RansVerse Builder feature. Landowners can purchase NFT designs for their land, be it homes, shops, stages for events and more.

Q: How to Sell NFTs on RansVerse?

Each NFT Minted, will require $VCG for the listing fee and GEM is required to determine scarcity

Q: How to Request a Refund?

There will be no refunds as the NFT becomes an asset.

Will There Be Ads on RansVerse?

Yes, there will be ad spots and agents on RansVerse. Ad spots are on roads, public facilities, tall buildings and Videotron advertising agencies.

Ad Agents can buy ad spots in advance by staking some $VCG tokens and sell them back to BRAND in customized packages.

Q: How Does the Collaboration System Work?

A feature that connects landowners and creators where they can pour their ideas to landowners to develop land and mutual benefits.

Q: I Need Support Where Can I Contact?

[email protected]

Further Development

RansVerse FAQs

Can We Use Third Parties Like OpenSEA to Sell Land and Items in Game?

There will be a possibility in the future, but for now it's exclusive on VC Markets

Q: Can We Combine LAND?

Yes, later you will be able to combine and separate adjacent LANDs for a fee

Q: Can We Sell Pets?

Yes and you can also sell pet cosmetics.

Q; Are There Game Maker Tools in RansVerse?

Yes, there will be a game maker tool called RansVerse Game Maker.

Q: How to Become a Game Maker on RansVerse?

In order to create mini-games in RansVerse, you need to have a LAND of a certain size. (CLUSTER, DISTRICT & COUNTY).

Please note that, when building a game the developer needs to specify:

  • Game mechanic attribute presets
  • Assets require the necessary attributes to work with game mechanics
  • Creators can modify attributes required by game mechanics

Q: Will Game Makers Get Prizes?

Yes, within the RansVerse Game Fund program. RansVerse Game Fund is our program to engage Creators to build and monetize their mini-games across the community.

The prize allocation comes from the Staking Pool or Company Reserved to fund the selected Game Creator.

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