Evos Esports ID Wins FFIM Spring 2021

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Surprisingly, Evos Esports ID won FFIM Spring 2021 which took place on Sunday (21/3). Inevitably, this achievement became a form of might and dominance of the team nicknamed the White Tigers. Remember, MR05 cs previously won the same event, namely the Free Fire Indonesia Masters for the 'Fall' edition last year.

After that, this team also managed to get fourth place in the 'Free Fire Continental Series 2020: Asia'. Obviously, this has proven the quality of Evos Esports ID.

What's more, they will soon also be participating in the competition 'Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore'. It should be noted that the team's success in securing a place in the event was because they had won this edition of FFIM.

Intrigued by the actions that made Ivan Yeo's Esports team? we will also summarize their journey in Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring yesterday.

Can Win FFIM Spring 2021

  • Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring

It has become quite a prestigious event in Indonesia for the game, Free Fire. Every time Esports that competes on Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring really trying hard enough to be able to prove its quality. Moreover, last Sunday was a battle between 12 teams that have managed to get their foot in the Grand Finals.

Apart from that, in yesterday's competition there were about 6 matches. Where, the 12 teams play in the maps that will be played have been determined randomly by the committee.

For the first match, this event chose the Bermuda map as the battle location for all the competing teams. After running for about 20 minutes, First Raider Bravo managed to become the team that got the first Booyah.

In the second match, the map used is Kalahari. Interestingly, Evos Esports ID is having a hard time winning this map. Even though it didn't last long enough like the first match, they also had to struggle to beat the other two teams who were still holding out when the zone had shrunk.

Playing the Purgatory map for their third match, Dranix Esports succeeded in winning Booyah. Even so, this achievement became their form of struggle after making mistakes in the first match when the zone was getting smaller.

With the three matches that have been played, placing First Raiders as the top team in the standings for Current Standings at first.

Back with the Bermuda map for the fourth match battle location, Evos Esports ID's ingenuity and strategy produced sweet results. Yes, they also succeeded in securing their second Booyah.

For the fifth match, three players from Siren Esports really didn't want to waste their opportunities when the zone was getting smaller. Playing bar-bar to chase the remaining players from the two surviving teams. Rawww cs also succeeded in securing Booyah while playing the Kalahari map.

As for the sixth match, RRQ Hades emerged as the team that won this match. Playing the Purgatory map, in the final phase there are three players from three different teams. However, RRQPacman was actually able to play calmly when MR05 (Evos) and Bara (SES) faced off. In fact, Pacman was able to take advantage of the opportunity when Bara fell because he was able to beat the representative from Evos who misplaced his position.

With all the results from the six matches, Evos Esports ID was declared the right to emerge as the winner (in the final standings/Final Standings). In detail, this team got a total of 80 points. Then, the second position is occupied by First Raiders with 78 points and they also have the right to play in Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore (half play-in).

The third place is occupied by Siren Esports with 71 points and the fourth place is Dranix Esports with 58 points. Unfortunately, the two teams will not be playing in a prestigious competition like the two teams that are in the top positions.

  • Gifts Received

Regardless, for the total prize money awarded at Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring around 800 million Rupiah. Of course, all the teams that played in the Grand Finals yesterday won prize money.

In detail, the team that wins this event will get 350 million Rupiah, the second place will get 175 million Rupiah, the third position will be 80 million Rupiah and the fourth position will be 60 million Rupiah. Then, the fifth position is 30 million Rupiah, the sixth position is 20 million Rupiah, the seventh position is 15 million Rupiah, the eighth position is 15 million Rupiah, the ninth and tenth positions are 10 million Rupiah each plus the eleventh and twelfth positions are 5 million Rupiah each.

Not only that, teams that manage to get booyah in all matches (all 6 maps played) will get 2.5 million Rupiah. Lastly, the player who won the Predator title in this event, namely Dvitoo (Sirens Esports), was also rewarded with prize money of around 10 million Rupiah.

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