New Yellow Diamond Event in Mobile Legends, do you know?

New Yellow Diamond Event in Mobile Legends, do you know?


hello buddy Vicigers, the topic this time is about Events in mobile legends, do you know when playing Mobile Legends? Found a yellow diamond.? Now this yellow diamond can be found in several places but mainly in the shop.

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This yellow diamond is the target of gamers, especially all of us, especially during the current event. Actually what is it Yellow diamonds in Mobile Legends and what does it do?

What is the use of yellow diamonds in Mobile Legends?

New Yellow Diamond Event in Mobile Legends, do you know?
Source : MLBBParty

This yellow diamond has different properties from the diamond as usual. This diamond is more like a coupon. And this Coupon is used to get discounts when shopping for items and skins in Mobile Legends.

Yellow diamonds are the target of many gamers in this game. When there is an event that gives yellow Diamonds, lots of gamers like us flock to complete missions or events in order to save Diamonds.

How to use Yellow Diamonds in Events

Source : MLBBParty

To get Diamonds that, you must take part in several events that have offered prizes. Events like Benedetta and Mille Crepe hero draws offer yellow Diamond rewards.

So Vicigers, how do you use yellow diamonds to get discounts at the shop? Here are the steps.

  1. Open Backpack and make sure you have enough coupons to use
  2. Choose the skin and or hero of your choice
  3. Click the Coupon button and Diamond Promo button
  4. Discount added successfully

Don't forget to use Diamonds yellow as wisely as possible. Who knows, your favorite hero skin will appear when you just used the discount coupon, Vicigers

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