VCGamers Supports the ESI Garut Cup 2022 Independence Cup Tournament

ESI Garut Regency CUP

VCGamers support the implementation of the Esports Tournament entitled ESI Garut Regency Cup 2022 'Cup of Independence'.

The esports tournament that attracts participants from all over West Java and is held by ESI Garut Regency will prepare a prize pool of IDR 20,000,000.

There will be tournaments for three popular mobile games that will be held. Each, namely PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Free Fire.

Registration for teams who want to take part in this event is open until August 26, 2022.

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ESI Garut Regency Cup 2022 'Cup of Independence'

ESI Garut Regency CUP
ESI Garut Regency CUP 2022

Games have become part of the life of Indonesian people. The development of the game ecosystem in Indonesia is also very fast.

This is evidenced by the presence of many tournaments and professional esports athletes.

Along the way, Indonesian pro players have also won the M1 World Championship, the most prestigious Mobile Legends tournament in the universe.

Therefore, the development of the esports ecosystem in Indonesia needs support from all parties.

In this case, VCGamers takes part in supporting the birth of esports athletes who are skilled and have the ability to make the nation proud through esports.

There are several forms of support provided by VCGamers. For example, organizing esports tournaments and providing support to parties in the country's esports ecosystem.

One of them is by supporting esports tournaments held by Esports Indonesia.

It is known that Esports Indonesia is the only esports parent organization that is authorized and responsible for managing, fostering, developing, and coordinating each and every implementation of esports activities within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Currently, ESI Garut Regency will soon be holding a tournament on Saturday – Sunday, 27 – 28 August 2022. There are a number of games in the tournament which are open to participants from all over West Java.

The tournaments that will be held are the PUBG Tournament, Mobile Legends and Free Fire. The event which will be held for two days will be held offline.

It is targeted that there will be 36 PUBG teams and 44 MLBB teams as well as 96 FF teams with a target of 700+ participants from all three game categories (boys and girls).

VCGamers hopes that this activity will run successfully and even give birth to new pro players who are able to compete in the national and international esports scene.

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About VCGamers

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VCGamers is the pioneer of the Web3 ecosystem for gamers in Indonesia.

VCGamers was born from the gaming community and then built a marketplace to meet the needs of gamers.

In mid-June 2021, VCGamers received seed funding of US$2.6 million or equivalent to IDR 37.3 billion led by Venture Capital Global, BEENEXT and Rans Venture.

Furthermore, in early 2022, VCGamers launched a crypto asset named $VCG Tokens which operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20) network and Ethereum.

This crypto asset has been listed on PancakeSwapsUniSwap and Indodax and the public can buy it.

$VCG Token will later be used as a whole to support the ecosystem VCGamers.

$VCG is built on a platform-agnostic and game-agnostic social trading network.

There are a number of features that have been launched by VCGamers. Among them, $VCG Staking, $VCG Swap & Bridge.

Currently, the crypto asset from VCGamers has been registered at Bappebti.

In addition, the VCG Token is the only medium of exchange for all transactions in the first metaverse in Indonesia, RansVerse.

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