How to Survive in the Free Fire Early Game Easily

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Vicigers friends can increase the chances of surviving the early game Free Fire if you just follow these tips.

There's nothing more frustrating than getting killed in Free Fire when you just entered the game. However, it can happen very often as 49 players try to bring you down at any cost.

You can significantly increase your chances of survival and reach the final circle or early game Free Fire if you can follow the tips below.

Tips for Surviving in the Early Game Free Fire

Having great Free Fire early game play will be a huge boost to get those Booyahs for free. Make sure Vicigers friends know these survival tips in the early game Free Fire!

Land at a Place Away from the Line of Aircraft

Early Game Free Fire

If you choose a landing spot away from the plane's path, you will most likely be the only player there. That means you will be completely safe to loot the whole place without worrying about anything.

Of course, there is a high probability that you will be far from the first circle, but all you have to do is move a little earlier than usual in the early game of Free Fire.

Survival is the key to victory in BR games, and in order to survive, players must stay alive. This way, they can collect as much health equipment as possible, which can provide support for them in defending against enemy attacks.

Collecting excess health equipment is also very good for users to provide assistance to their teammates as medics. Apart from that, healing items also come in handy when the user is thinking about adopting an aggressive approach later in the match.

Find Nearest Enemies When Landing

Early Game Free Fire

When you are parachuting, you can look around to see if there are any enemies nearby. You can then guess their general location and alert them if they try to push. You can also choose to push and catch them by surprise, but this is a risky move.

Realizing that you are in a bad engagement and running away early will help in surviving longer in Free Fire. By doing this, you also don't waste resources like Gloo Walls and Med Kits on useless fights.

Try To Pick Up Weapon Immediately

Early Game Free Fire

If there are a lot of enemies at the location you drop, the first priority is on Free Fire early game is to immediately take up any weapon in self-defense. After that, secure the house or building and start slowly from there.

The Blue Zone is where you can find the best loot and special op items in Free Fire. So it's a dangerous place with a lot of people.

There's a good chance that you'll be killed pretty quickly before you even get your hands on some good loot. Therefore, if you are a newcomer, or just starting the game, try to maintain a good distance from these areas.

Avoid Early Game Free Fire Battles

Early Game Free Fire

Rushing in Free Fire can be a lot of fun but it will put you at a lot of risk, especially early in the game.

Unless you're sure you have a good chance of quickly taking out enemies, don't do it. The sound of the gun will also attract other players nearby, so make sure you move as soon as possible.

If your current gear isn't that good, there might be no point in chasing enemies who have already fled, especially in the early game Free Fire.

Spending too much time doing this will reduce your time collecting loot and getting ready for mid-game. Try to finish it quickly or leave it.

In a match Battle Royale Free Fire, players encounter multiple battle situations. However, a fight that unnecessarily invites more enemies while maintaining stealth helps one survive till the last stage.

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Always With One Squad

Early Game Free Fire
Illustration of Booyah on Free Fire

If you play Duo or Squad it is very important to stay close to your teammates. In this way, you will be less likely to die because you have backup from the team. You can also get kills more easily.

It's true that you have to search different buildings in Squad so that your team can get the most loot quickly. But staying too far from the team can pose a big threat.

You won't be able to support quickly if you get killed and the enemy will finish you off soon enough. This will also affect the strength of the team for the rest of the game.

The most important mission in Free Fire is to survive and be the last man standing. However, many players were eliminated very early on and it was hard for them to get Booyah! Sometimes it's just bad luck but many times it's a mistake they made early in the game.

Staying alive in the game is directly related to staying with the team. During the game, the squad is a reserve player, as they can provide covering and revival shots.

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Hence, it was necessary to stay close to one another while moving, camping, fleeing, or even rushing to avoid an early death.

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