Update Diablo IV Patch Notes Version 1.3.2, What's New?

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Diablo IV just updated the latest patch notes version 1.3.2 on February 14 2024 yesterday. There are many significant changes to the game made Blizzard Entertainment this.

In general, the patch notes update covers players' methods for using Uber Unique and Respledent Sparks items.

In fact, the Uber Unique item is rarely updated in Diablo 4. Therefore, Blizzard really updated it so that it can be used by its players.

Uber Unique items are tools or items that are quite rare and very superior to the entire Diablo series.

So this item is quite popular and must be owned by players so that in patch notes 1.3.2 it will be easier to get it.

This time we will discuss the latest patch notes update version 1.3.2 for Diablo IV which was released yesterday. Apart from the Uber Unique item, what else is new?

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Diablo IV

diablo iv patch notes (1)
Diablo IV – Characters (Source: CNET)

Before we discuss the patch notes version 1.3.2 update on Diablo IV, it would be good to know first about this game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo IV is an underground adventure action-role playing game which is the fourth in the Diablo series itself.

At BlizzCon which was held in 2019, it was announced that Diabo IV would be officially released on June 5 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, XBox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Players will choose one of five character classes to play, such as Barbarian, Sorcerer, Druid, Rogue and Necromancer who are equipped with extraordinary skills to complete missions in the battle.

The gameplay itself uses several items to defeat strong enemies and is accompanied by relying on the skills possessed by each character from that class.

The enemy will be determined according to the theme, fighting style and location that has been chosen before the game and the enemy will have very strong and sharp abilities and weapons.

The strength of the characters played in the battle comes from complete attributes and items, usually strong attributes will include large damage and high defense.

Diablo IV has 3 new attributes, namely Angelic, Demonic, and Ancestral Power. The Angelic and Demonic attributes function to change the duration of benefit effects and Domonic itself to increase other effects that must be applied to certain objects.

One of the characteristics that is not removed from the previous series is the focus on underground adventures and characters who become stronger with their skills and items.

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Uber Unique Items in Diablo IV

diablo iv patch notes (3)
Diablo IV (Source: Forbes)

The following is a list of Uber Unique items that have just been updated in the patch notes version 1.3.2 of Diablo IV. What items do you think?

  • Andariel's Visage (Helmet)
  • Doombringer (Sword)
  • Harlequin Crest (Helmet)
  • Melted Heart of Selig (Amulet)
  • Ring of Starless Skies (Ring)
  • The Grandfather (Great Sword)

The Uber Unique item above in patch notes version 1.3.2 this time will be easier for players to obtain compared to previous items.

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Diablo IV Patch Notes Version 1.3.2

diablo iv patch notes (5)
Diablo IV – Characters (Source: Mashable)

The following is a list of Diablo IV patch notes version 1.3.2 which includes many changes in terms of gameplay, items and bug fixes. Just take a look below, OK!

Game Updates

Uber Unique Crafting

  • This Uber Unique item can be used to provide the latest resources such as Resplendent Sparks. Where, players can bring up to 5 Resplendent Sparks to Alchemist and Transmute Uber Unique.
  • The Refine Resources tab in Alchemist has been renamed Transmute and the option to make Uber Unique can be found from that tab.
  • On the Preview Tab, when creating Uber Unique, it will not be displayed.
  • Can get Uber Unique items after upgrading Uber Duriel.
  • The Cursed Shrine event will give bonuses at the beginning, not at the end of the event.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the Screen Reader not being able to read the status of Lunar Awakening rewards that have been claimed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Screen Reader not being able to read Ancestral Favor Tiers correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Screen Reader incorrectly reading the Ancestral Favor text upgrade.

Season of the Construct

  • Fixed an issue where Vizier Wasp Constructs had no effect on Immobilizing effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip on Igneous Cores had no information.
  • Fixed an issue with the Journal page not working during the Kulle's Heart mission.
  • Fixed an issue where only the first person in the party could get credit when spinning Obelisk Whisper.
  • Fixed the Arcane Tremor issue in Hawezar and Scosglen which can have Voltaic Brazier.
  • Fixed an issue where attacks from Malphas could still deal damage even if they lost.
  • Fixed an issue with Season Journey Objective Keeper of Nothing referring to Pearls of Warding to use Echo of Marphas instead of Igneous Cores.

Lunar Awakening

  • Fixed an issue where the final mission of Lunar Awakening could not be played when the player had maxed Ancestral Favor.
  • Fixed a Shrine issue related to the missing Cleanse the Northshore Shrine Whisper.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancestral Favor page did not auto-close when the player left Ying-Yue.

The Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where Treasure Goblins didn't work when fighting Averice.
  • Fixed an issue with enemies being killed due to execution effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the Melted Hear of Selig was never at its maximum movement speed.
  • Fixed an issue where Echoing Fury did not gain bonus Fury if Tactical Rallying Cry was mastered.
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Rapid Fire incorrectly secured the Critical Strike Damage bonus.
  • Fixed the issue of increasing damage and resource costs of Ring of the Starless.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lieutenant failed to spawn in The Onyx Watchtower so it could be fixed without resetting.

UI and UX

  • Fixed an issue where adding friends during gameplay using a controller would display the 'Add Friends' menu.
  • Fixed an issue when leaving a note to a friend after 'Add Friend'.
  • Fixed an issue where the Animus icon was missing from the Betrayer's Row Dungeon map.


  • Fixed an issue where Socketed Gems on Legendary or Unique Items could disappear when thrown.
  • Fixed an issue where players using NVMe Solid State Drives were experiencing instability.
  • There are visual, performance and stability improvements.
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That is information about the Diablo IV patch notes version 1.3.2 update which presents many changes. So, interested in playing Diablo IV?

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