Best Character for Desert Pavilion Chronicle Genshin Impact User

desert pavilion chronicle genshin impact wanderer

The Desert Pavilion Chronicle is one such artifact Genshin Impact which can increase ATK speed and Anemo DMG.

This artifact is the latest artifact released by Genshin Impact in the previous 3.3 update along with the release of new characters, namely Wanderer and Faruzan.

The Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set is suitable for and specifically intended for Anemo DPS characters that can increase attack speed.

VCGamers has compiled various Genshin Impact characters whose suitability has been tested using this Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact.

Compatible Characters Use the Desert Pavilion Chronicle Artifact Set

The Desert Pavilion Chronicle is one of a collection of artifact sets available in Genshin Impact's 4-star and 5-star options. 

How to get the Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact, you can use resin where the resin will be used in the domain.

VCGamers recommends that you use Condensed Resin to get a better stat chance for artifacts and more 5-star artifacts.

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Desert Pavilion Chronicle's Domain Location

domain city of gold genshin impact
Domain City of Gold (source: VCGamers)

To get the Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set, you can do farming in a domain called City of Gold. 

This domain is located in the Eye of the Sands, Land of Lower Setekh, Great Red Sands, Sumeru region. 

If you have completed the world quest Golden Slumber, the location name of the Eye of the Sands will change to Khaj Nisut.

The domain will be located on the edge slightly to the bottom of Khaj Nisut. You can open it from the nearest Teleport Waypoint, namely the Khaj Nisut teleport or Land of Lower Setekh, which is located in the northern part of Aaru Village.

Desert Pavilion Chronicle Genshin Impact Artifact Set Bonus

Desert Pavilion Chronicle genshin impact
Desert Pavilion Chronicle Fullset (source: VCGamers)

2 sets of Desert Pavilion Chronicle Genshin Impact artifacts will provide an additional Anemo DMG Bonus of +15%.

Using 4 sets or full sets from the Desert Pavilion Chronicle can increase ATK in the form of 40% Normal ATK DMG, Charged Attack DMG, and Plunged Attack DMG for 15 seconds.

In addition, the character's ATK speed will increase by 10% from the character's Normal ATK speed for 15 seconds.

The bonus from the full set can be triggered if you use a Charged Attack first the first time you attack.

At first glance this artifact is similar to the artifact released with the release of The Chasm viz Echoes of an Offering and Vermillion Hereafter.

Echoes of an Offering are known to increase ATK speed and ATK. Meanwhile, Vermillion Hereafter will increase the bonus Anemo DMG and ATK.

The difference is that Desert Pavilion Chronicle will get an immediate bonus after using a Charged Attack without having to trigger certain mechanics such as Valley Rite on Echoes of an Offering and Nascent Light on Vermillion Hereafter.

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Characters and Number of Sets Used

desert pavilion chronicle genshin impact wanderer burst
Wanderer, One of the Fullset User Characters (source: VCGamers)

After knowing the bonus that you will get from using the Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set, you can determine which Genshin Impact characters are suitable for using this artifact.

From the results of the VCGamers experiment, Desert Pavilion Chronicle is specifically intended for the Anemo character, especially for Wanderers.

Desert Pavilion Chronicle as many as 4 sets can increase the size of Wanderer's Anemo DMG stats and according to Wanderer's playstyle or rotation.

A good rotation for using this artifact for Wanderers is to use Elemental Skills or Elemental Burst from support characters in your party.

After using Elemental Skill from Wanderer, you can use Normal Attack or Charged Attack from Wanderer, making this character On field for the duration of the bonus using the full set of artifacts.

Another Anemo character that according to VCGamers is suitable for using the Desert Pavilion Chronicle Genshin Impact full set is Xiao, Shikanoin Heizou, and Jean build DPS.

For rotation Shikanoin Heizou and Jean can be the same as Wanderer as previously mentioned. You can use Elemental Skills that are held to activate bonuses.

Xiao using the Desert Pavilion Chronicle will have a different rotation. On Xiao, you can use Charged Attack first and then use Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

Another character who has the option of using this artifact is Kamisato Ayato. However, VCGamers prefers to suggest Ayato use other artifacts such as Heart of Depth or Echoes of an Offering.

For the use of 2 pieces of Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifacts, you can use them as a substitute for Viridescent Venerer.

Characters that are suitable for using 2 pieces are all Anemo characters such as Sucrose, Kazuha, Sayu, Faruzan, and the previously mentioned characters.

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Those are the best character recommendations for Desert Pavilion Chronicle users according to VCGamers.

This artifact is unfortunately only a few suitable users. However, with the release of various characters in the upcoming update, there will certainly be many characters that are suitable for using this Desert Pavilion Chronicle.

For those of you who haven't got the character you want, you can save Primogems with Welkin Moon or Genesis Crystal. Come on, buy it at a trusted place, namely at VCGamers Marketplace!

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