Counter Hero Chip, Make Your Opponent Move Without Moving!

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Mobile Legends The arrival of a new tank hero again, after not releasing a support-tank type hero for a long time. Chip, the tank hero, with his main ability which can open portals throughout the map, is of course very troublesome. However, there are several counter hero Chip, which you can choose from, if you face him.

Tigreal, Barats, Minshittar, Minotaur and Akai, are Chip's four natural counter heroes. Their skills can make Chip's teleportation useless.

However, do you know how to use this hero? and what skills should be used when facing Chip in the Land of Dawn?

This article will discuss it in detail, to increase your knowledge when playing. Check it out!

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Get to know Chip, ML's New Riot Tank

Chip - Counter Hero Chip
Chip Ability. (Source: Moonton/YouTube)

Chip, a tank type hero whose main specialty is pure crowd control, will soon be coming to the Mobile Legends game universe, on March 14 2024.

Many have been waiting for his presence. Because Mobile Legends hasn't released a pure tank-support hero for a long time.

Chip has four skills, all of which are area in nature. In particular, his ultimate skill allows Chip to move from one point to another, with beacons along the map.

Hero Chip has the potential to become a meta in the next season, it's not impossible, if we often see potato chip-eating foxes in the draft picks of pro players.

Best Counter Hero Chip in Mobile Legends

Chip - Counter Hero Chip
Chips. (Source: Moonton/YouTube)

There are several hero counter chips, which we will discuss in this article. Among others are:


Tigreal - Immortal ML
Tigreal. (Source: Spin Esports/Google)

The most important of the main specifications of the Chip counter hero group is their strong team fighting abilities. Therefore, Tigreal is in first place.

You can use his ultimate skill "Implosion" when the enemy team's heroes start coming towards you, through the portal that Chip opens.

Or, when the portal is open, you can enter it and stun it, so that the enemy cannot move.

Finally, you can also take advantage of Tigreal's second skill. When the enemy is ready to move lane or has just come to your lane, push the opponent's hero, and combine it with his ultimate.

Make sure you communicate with your teammates. Because, it would be useless if no one backed up the attack, when Vicigers managed to do these combos.


Minotaur. (Source: Moonton/YouTube)]

Almost similar to Tigreal, you can take advantage of his ultimate skill which is AoE or Area of Effect to thwart the opposing team's attempts to enter a certain lane.

Combine the Minotaur's ultimate which can make your opponent suffer an airborne effect, with heroes like Aurora or Valir who also have area skill effects.


Barats. (Source: Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Barats can use “Detona's Welcome” and wait for the opponent to come out of the portal to catch him.

However, make sure Vicigers has collected stacks for the passive skill "Big Guy" from Barats, with the aim of strengthening himself. The reason is, Barats doesn't have blood as thick as heroes like most tank types.


Counter Arlott
Hero Minsitthar. (Source: VCGamers)

Vicigers You can use Minsitthar's ultimate skill "King's Calling" which creates a wide field with damage and slow effects on your opponent.

Position the ulti in front of the portal, where the opponent exits. So, you can maximize the effect of this skill.

You can also combine it with the “Spear of Glory” skill to attract enemies who want to run away.


Akai. (Source: Gamefinity)

In last place, there is Akai with the skill "Hurricane Dance" which can bounce opponents back into the portal.

Those are some of Chip's counter heroes that you can learn from when you meet Chip in the Land of Dawn.

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