Here Are 5 Hayabusa Counters You Can Use!

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It is certain that Hayabusa's counter will often be seen by many players from Mobile Legends. Surely this one hero can carry you when you are in trouble. However, don't think that this hero also has its own weaknesses.

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Overview Hayabusa

hayabusa mobile legends cover

Passive – Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow

The skills used by Hayabusa will get enough stack to drain the opponent's HP. This stack increases Hayabusa's damage skill by 5%.

First skill – Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken

Haybusa can throw 3 shuriken attacks towards the front of his enemy. The enemy hit by the Shuriken will get 170 Physical Damage 170 (+ 70 percent physical attack) and a slow effect. Hayabusa does not use Mana, but the energy from this first skill can be used for 10 Hayabusa energy later.

Second skill – Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow

Hayabusa moves in the specified direction and casts a shadow behind him. If he hits an enemy, he will stop and release 3 shadows that move in different directions.

When the shadows hit an enemy hero, they will seep in, dealing 130 (+30% extra physical ATK) Physical Damage and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

This skill can be used again to teleport to a shadow location. If Phantom is on an enemy hero, Hayabusa will give 130 (+ 30% extra physical ATK) additional Physical Damage to him.

Every time Hayabusa moves using Quad Shadow, Phantom Shuriken's CD will decrease by 1 second.

Ultimate – Ougi: Shadow Kill

Haybusa casts his shadow and does damage to the opponent quickly. Each attack deals 180 (+90% extra physical ATK) Physical Damage.

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5 Hero Counter Hayabusa

Hero Counter Hayabusa is very good for those of you who want to contest this hero. Because this hayabusa is one of the assassins who has high damage. High dash and escape skills and a late game hero that marksman fears.

So, here are 5 heroes that can be used as a reference for tackling the hayabusa hero. Here is the full review!


hero dash ml sun

Sun is one of Hayabusa's counter heroes which is quite troublesome. He can make three clones of himself, including himself. This makes the enemy confused, where is the real Sun.
When Hayabusa meets Sun, he must be confused about wanting to leave ultimate or not. When Sun has taken out his clone, it's automatic damage given by Hayabusa will decrease.



Wanwan is highly recommended to be one of the contest heroes for Hayabusa. Skill 2 of this woman is very good for facing Hayabusa directly. Wanwan is very dynamic and a very flexible marksman hero.



Are you a tank user? Surely you already know that Khufra is Hayabusa's natural counter. With the bounching ball, it will be difficult for hayabusa to get into the ins and outs of the opponent's carry.
Hayabusa is very agile when using his shadow, but this does not apply to Khufra because Khufra's skill is perfect for countering Hayabusa directly.
Although, it's still difficult to say that this hayabusa counter can be one of the most efficient that you can use in in-game.
Khufra presents a solid game and doesn't take time to play this one tank hero because it's very easy to use.



Saber is one of the most obvious counter heroes for Hayabusa. Of course, with its high ultimate damage, it can match the skills of Hayabusa. Surely it will be very difficult for Hayabusa to face Saber. Because this saber is a natural counter to hayabusa.

Hayabusa will also have difficulty with the basic attack issued by the saber. Because this saber has a skill level that cannot be matched by any assassin in Mobile Legends.


Nana is one of the pretty cool hayabusa counters, why is that. Because Nana has a passive that Hayabusa can't catch up with. Nana's passive is quite effective in leveling Hayabusa. Nana's ability is also quite IMBA when Nana meets Hayabusa.

Can be used as one of the support heroes that you can use when Hayabusa comes to be your opponent. You just need to use skill 2 so that Nana's rabbit approaches Hayabusa.

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