Cooking Dash, Make a Career as a Chef Artist

Cooking Dash
Fans of the Diner Dash game on the Android and iOS platforms must know the main character named Flo, a beautiful woman. This opportunity
Flo appears again in another game, namely Cooking Dash. Cooking Dash is also made by the same developer, Glu. In Cooking Dash, play a professional chef who is famous on television.
Cooking Dash Live Cooking on TV
The Cooking Dash game requires players to play the character Flo. Flo has several fine dining restaurants with lots of diners. Somewhat different
Unlike previous games, in Cooking Dash, the presence of an audience in the studio is broadcast live. In this game, players can hear how boisterous it was when the line of spectators cheered when they saw Flo who was so skilled at serving guests.
Players as the character Flo must be able to make it a famous Chef like a celebrity. Each restaurant has food with its own theme. For example, players will grill chicken in one restaurant and then in another restaurant they have to roll burritos and there are many other activities in several other restaurants. Then in each season of the TV shows that are followed it will be increasingly difficult to get a 5 star rating because it requires very high precision.
Cooking and Paid
If you look at it, the Diner Dash game with Cooking Dash is only different from the place settings used. In Cooking Dash the player will still be
cook food for guests who come. Serve quickly so that the guests are not angry. Players just pay attention to the menu
what diners order, then simply press the ingredients from the list, wait a while for them to cook. Next, the player must serve it to the customer. After that, the player will get paid.
Complete Hundreds of Episodes
So the level of the Cooking Dash game is called Episode. Players must provide the best service to visitors in order to achieve a high rating. Players must serve guests immediately and don't let the available time end. For each episode the player will get a five star rating for the highest achievement. But players don't need to worry, if they haven't reached the best then they are still allowed to repeat the level,
while grinding money. Cooking Dash has provided up to hundreds of episodes that must be completed. Of course players can cook a variety of unique dishes that are different from the others. Some of the episodes include Taco Train, Table Steak, and Hip Stir Cafe. The menus themselves are regularly updated by the developers.
Upgrading 3 Pg
When players have collected a certain amount of money they will be able to upgrade 3 things. At first, namely upgrading cooking equipment,
e.g. fryers and grills. Next upgrade for groceries so they can get better quality so
the price of cooked food is also more expensive. Then the last upgrade for Cooking Dash is for restaurant decoration to make it even more stunning
make guests feel more at home eating there.
Dress Flo
Cooking Dash, which can be said to be a sequel to Diner Dash, has updated Flo's character to make it even more charming. As in Diner Dash, Flo's character can also be worn with various kinds of special costumes in every cooking event that she participates in. Besides that, Flo is also allowed to bring pets that will help prepare automatic dishes. This game is also equipped with music with a happy beat
evokes a lively atmosphere. In addition to the cheers of a number of viewers who were present at the studio will make the game Cooking Dash
which is very fun to play for a long time.
Play Anytime
The fact is that the Cooking Dash game can be run online, it's just that players can still play offline. Among the limitations of this Android cooking game is the food stock that adheres to the stamina system. That way players can't enjoy the game in it for long, because of course the food ingredients run out quickly. When players need it, Cooking Dash also offers a kind of shop that can be used to buy Gold, which is a paid currency for various purposes, including yes, paying for groceries.
Even though this game uses the title Cooking Dash, Flo's attractions in serving visitors are very interesting to follow. Players must be able to
Play the character Flo in preparing dishes in the shortest possible time without making any mistakes. Feel how exciting this Cooking Dash game is.
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