Coming Again! PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournié Collaboration, Limited Skins Available!

PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournie

Collaboration PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournié will be coming soon with limited skins that all players can get. Cool!

PUBG Mobile expands its partnership with Julien Fournié and his Haute Couture fashion house through an innovative mix of physical and virtual designs.

During the Paris Haute Couture Week 2022 SS, the visionary designer demonstrated two outfits and objects that will be available to gamers in PUBG mobile.

Steam promotions

After the successful addition of Spiderman to the game, Tencent has announced a new collaboration for players.

The PUBG Mobile x Julien Fournié collaboration has brought players some unique and stylish outfits that will be available in no time.

PUBG Mobile developers know exactly how to excite their fan base as the crossover line introduced in the previous year helped the game generate record-breaking revenue. 

From big crossovers like Arcane and Spiderman to small ones like Liverpool FC and Baby Shark, Tencent has not failed to impress their audience and now the announcement of the PUBG MOBILE x Julien Fournié collaboration has pumped up players more than ever.

Who is Julien Fournie

PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournie

Julien Fournié is a French fashion designer specializing in Haute Couture, a style that emphasizes exclusivity, originality, creativity, innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

Haute Couture is a protected phrase in France, with only 16 brands legally allowed to bear the title. 

One of the hallmarks of Julien Fournié and Haute Couture is that these fashion houses only create unique pieces of clothing that must be bespoke so that the fashion products can be specially made to exude the extraordinary beauty of French fashion. The new outfit designed by Julien Fournié is now available at PUBG Mobile

For the first time, Julien Fournié's real-world designs will be available to players only on PUBG MOBILE, connecting the physical and virtual worlds and bringing video games and Haute Couture closer than ever. 

PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournié is their second collaboration since July 2021.

PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournié Collaboration

PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournie

Even though this crossover had been announced the previous year, fans were eagerly awaiting collaboration items to arrive in the game.

Their wait is finally over as PUBG Mobile's official social media handles inform players that exclusive outfits can now be purchased from the game.

Julien Fournié's bright new design “is a dream come true,” as it was inspired by his passion for video games and virtual worlds and was produced especially for PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournié collaboration, which started in July 2021, continues with this new FIRST LOVE collection, but this is the first time the ensemble will be seen in an actual fashion show this 2022.

All special outfits namely, Silhouette Man, Silhouette Woman, First Love Parachute and First Love Grenade are now available to buy, use and enjoy on PUBG MOBILE.

The film debuted on January 25, 2022 on the Julien Fournié website and on the FHCM website. Interested players can visit the designer's website for more details.

Since this item will only be available during Paris Haute Coutre Week, you shouldn't miss the chance to purchase this exclusive item.

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You could say that this item will become a rare skin in the future. Because this could be the last PUBG MOBILE X Julien Fournié collaboration.

PUBG Mobile has been testing with well-known brands across multiple and industries since its launch in 2018. However, this is their second collaboration with fashion designer Haute Couture and an unprecedented crossover and high culture game.

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