Chrono vs D-bee FF: Which is Better for Rank Match in Free Fire?

Chrono Free Fire Skill Set

According to Vicigers friends, which one is better for rank matches on Free Fire? Chrono or D-Bee FF? Let's discuss in this article.

Rank Match in Free Fire is very difficult to do, especially if there are many pro players in it. Opponents are highly skilled and securing Booyah is a daunting task.

While winning is not impossible, the odds are mostly against them. This is where good character makes all the difference.

Using the right one will allow you to turn the tide in battle. The two characters are Chrono and D-bee FF.

One is able to carry an impenetrable shield into battle, while the other can run around opponents in battle.

In this article, we will discuss each skill and its advantages. If you are confused about having between the two, please refer to the explanation below, friend!

Skill Chrono vs D-bee FF


Chrono Free Fire characters

Chrono's “Time Turner” skill in Free Fire is incomparable. This skill creates a dome-shaped force field that protects the player inside.

Chrono's "Time Turner" skill can absorb up to 600 damage and players inside can shoot enemies out. Movement speed also increased to 10 percent. Chrono's "Time Turner" skill lasts 5 seconds and has a cooldown period of 220 seconds.

D-bee FF

D-Bee Free Fire

D-bee FF's "Bullet Beats" skill provides bonus accuracy and movement speed. When shooting while moving, you can get 15 percent movement speed and 35 percent accuracy bonus. D-bee's "Bullet Beats" skill is a passive skill and has no cooldown period.

D-Bee FF is perfect for those of you who want to play aggressively compared to the Chrono character. Without this cooldown period, you can save a lot of time and catch up with enemies who have already been damaged by you.

Use of Chrono vs D-Bee FF Skills



The main function of the Chrono character in Free Fire is to attack opponents. The force field allows you to aggressively push into enemy lines and deal massive damage. Chrono is especially useful in troop clash mode, where space is limited.

Another important use of this character is mastering the battlefield. When your opponent rushes, you can use your shield to defend and return fire. Even though the skill only lasts for 5 seconds, you can deal damage with impunity.


D-bee can play many roles in the battle in the Free Fire game. The speed bonus can be used to flank opponents, while the accuracy bonus can be used to land more headshots. His skills even allow him to chase down opponents who are fleeing from battle.

By using the D-Bee character, it will be very easy to catch up with opponents who run away after being damaged. Not surprisingly, many players get a lot of kills using the D-Bee character in Free Fire.

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Chrono and D-bee have very different skills in battle mode in rank matches. Chrono offers defensive skills, while D-bee offers high mobility in rank match battles.

While both are good in ranked matches, D-Bee is the clear winner for you to use in rank matches.

No doubt D-bee is a very good Free Fire character to choose from in rank match mode. Improved mobility and accuracy are beneficial during firefights.

However, Chrono is also too strong in 1v1 situations in Free Fire. If you are an aggressive player in Free Fire, then D-Bee is the most suitable for you. Meanwhile, if you are a passive player, you can use the Chrono character in the Free Fire rank match.

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So, that was the difference between Chrono vs D-Bee. Between the two there is a considerable difference in terms of skill. You can use both in rank matches.

Drop your choice according to your playing style. However, we have provided an explanation of the skills and also the best options that you can use. So, are you ready to start the rank match again?

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