Choice Specs Pokemon Unite, Increase Your Pokemon's Damage Regularly!

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Choice Specs Pokemon Unite has an effect that can gradually strengthen the user's pokemon. This item will become increasingly a mainstay in the mid to late game.

You can also combine this item with other held items, such as attack or defense items for stronger Pokemon status, of course.

Pokemon Unite has a quite unique leveling method, namely by roaming a lot. However, with this Choice Specs, the user's pokemon can more easily defeat wild pokemon in the arena.

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What are the effects and how are the Choice Specs Pokemon Unite status derived? The following is a detailed discussion regarding held items with this okay tier.

Get to know Item Choice Specs

Choice Specs Low Level Unite Pokemon

choice specs pokemon unite low level
Choice Specs Before Upgrade

First of all, you have to get Choice Specs Pokemon Unite using Aeos Coins or Aeos Tickets, which are 1000 Coins and 625 Tickets.

You must also have Item Enhancer so that Choice Specs can be upgraded to a higher level. You see, this item at the initial level will only give bonus sp. attack as much as 19 points only.

At the very least, you should increase the level of this item to about level 10 and above so that its status can also have a better effect on the pokemon you will use.

The passive effect of this item also if you still use it below level 10 will not be too much, in fact, this item can increase the user's pokemon damage throughout the game.

So, save as many Aeos points as possible and allocate some of the points to increase these Choice Specs first before using them in the arena.

Choice Specs At Level 10, 20 And 30

choice specs pokemon unite level 20
Choice Specs At Level 20

Choice Specs Pokemon Unite at level 10 will provide additional sp. enough attack for its users. At level 10, this item will give additional sp. attack by 19 points.

The passive effect of this item can also be felt, namely the additional damage from the user's pokemon is 40 points, and will increase up to 60 points in line with sp. attack the user of this item in the arena.

When this item is at level 20, sp. The attack obtained by the user is 29 points. Pokemon that rely on sp. This attack will also receive additional damage from the Choice Specs passive effect.

At maximum level (30), Choice Specs Pokemon Unite will increase sp. attack by 39 points. When used on pokemon with sp. high attack, it will definitely add okay in the arena.

Therefore, in the Pokemon Unite game, it is very important to increase the capability of held items so that the effects you get are even better.

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Utilization of Choice Specs When Match

Mainstay Pokemon Sp. Attackers

choice specs pokemon unite and pokemon sp. attacker
Sp.User Pokemon attack

Choice Specs Pokemon Unite can of course be an attack booster for Pokemon that have sp. attack, either from his skillset or from his basic attack.

If you have Choice Specs level 30, it is certain that you will have pokemon sp. attacker who can be strong from early to late game.

Most pokemon with attack sp. attack has a role that acts as an assist attack or a pokemon that can steal kill. They can also be used as roamers to support core pokemon.

Choice Specs will be more effective when used on Pokemon whose overall skillset is sp. attacks like Gengar and Gardevoir. These two pokemon also have the advantage of being able to be placed in any lane.

Can Be Combined With Muscle Band

choice specs pokemon unite and muscle band
Muscle Band, Pokemon Unite Items

If you want to use a pokemon that has physical and sp. attack like Venusaur or Pikachu, then you can pair Choice Specs Pokemon Unite with Muscle Band.

Muscle Band will increase the pokemon's physical attack, while Choice Specs will increase the sp. attacks periodically. This combination will be useful for defeating many Pokemon, especially during the mid to late game.

Pikachu has high speed so with the combination of these two items, he can play more aggressively. Likewise with Venusaur, this plant type pokemon will have high damage.

Increase Sp. Attack Pokemon Support

choice specs and blissey
Choice Specs Enhances Blissey's Attack

Most support pokemon in this game have special skillset for support only, except for Eldegoss. Other support Pokemon such as Wigglytuff, Blissey and Mr Mime will depend on sp attacks. attacks throughout the game.

Choice Specs Pokemon Unite is a solution for support pokemon so they have better attack power. This item can also increase Blissey's offensive attack, whose skillset is dominant in support.

So Blissey can use her Egg Bomb with higher damage. He can also roam and provide attack assists for Pokemon Core, of course.

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5 Pokemon That Tune By Choice Specs


choice specs pokemon unite and gardevoir
Gardevoir, Pokemon Sp. Attackers

Gardevoir and Choice Specs Pokemon Unite synergize with each other. Gardevoir's basic attack has a passive skill that will increase sp. attack for a few moments.

When combined with Choice Specs, it's certain that Gardevoir can deal good damage with just his basic attacks.

Gardevoir's Psyshock skill has the effect of reducing the cooldown of the skill every time this attack hits its target. Using Choice Specs can increase the damage of this skill which can also be spammed to disrupt the opponent's movements.

Unite Move Gardevoir will get stronger with Choice Specs. Moreover, the ulti can attract and collect opponents in the middle and make them bounce too.


choice specs pokemon unite and cramorant
Cramorant Pokemon Unite

This Pokemon also has a skillset sp. attacks and ranged attacks. Unite Move Cramorant will be able to deal higher damage using Choice Specs.

Continuous shots from his ulti skill will make the opponent helpless, and will make the opponent's HP thin quickly.

Cramorant's Surf attack can also be more effective because this attack deals damage twice in a row. The target affected by this skill will slow down its movement.

If Cramorant needs additional speed, he can use the Hurricane skill so he can poke and run away from opponents more quickly.

Alolan Ninetales

choice specs pokemon unite and allolan ninetales
Alolan Ninetales

Choice Specs and Alolan Ninetales are also a good match, because this pokemon's gameplay is almost similar to Gardevoir.

The difference is, most of Alolan Ninetales' attacks will produce CC effects such as slow and stun. attack sp. the attack is also mostly AoE so it can hit many targets.

Alolan Ninetales' Blizzard skill becomes more painful with Choice Specs Pokemon Unite, and the target can be pushed by this skill. Blizzard can be connected with its basic attack.

Alolan Ninetales' Unite Move has pretty good burst damage, and added Choice Specs, of course it will double the damage from this attack.

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choice specs pokemon unite and wigglytuff
Wigglytuff, an Offensive Support Pokemon

Choice Specs and Wigglytuff can of course strengthen this support pokemon to play more aggressively in the arena.

Wigglytuff's weakness is in the form of melee sp attacks. attacks that don't hurt so much can be covered by using this item. Moreover, Wigglytuff has melee sp. attack that can trouble the opponent.

Wigglytuff's Double Slap skill can be improved by upgrading this skill for more slaps. Choice Specs will later increase the damage output of this skill.

In addition to the opponent's Pokemon getting sick damage, its speed will also decrease for a few moments. Wigglytuff can follow this attack with Rollout.

Rollout will give Wigglytuff shield and reset the cooldown of all his skills. If you want to be able to spam skills with high damage, then Rollout and Choice Specs are a good combination.


choice specs pokemon unite eldegoss
Eldegoss, A Pokemon That Can Buff And Debuff

Until now, Eldegoss is still a support pokemon whose skillset must be watched out for by opponents, but must be utilized by teammates.

For example, the Pollen Puff skill will give damage to the opposing pokemon, but if it is directed at a teammate it will give a bonus defense.

The Leaf Tornado attack from Eldegoss can also deal damage to opposing Pokemon, but will give additional speed to teammates who are hit by a Leaf Tornado in the arena.

What is most unique about Eldegoss is its Unite Move. Just like other skillsets, Eldegoss' ulti will provide healing for partner pokemon around his area. However, the opponent will be exposed to quite serious damage from this skill.

Choice Specs and Eldegoss ulti skills are a good combination to defeat opponents quickly while protecting teammates from defeat.

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Choice Specs Pokemon Unite does have the same effect as Shell Bell, but in terms of sp. attack, Choice Specs has a more offensive status. So, use this item if you want to have a Pokemon that plays offensively throughout the match, Vicigers!

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