GTA San Andreas Cheat List for Android, Must Note!

GTA San Andreas City Cheats

This time we will review a popular game that you certainly know, namely Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. So, this time we will review the cheats for GTA San Andreas Android.

Loyal player GTA or Grand Theft Auto, of course you know a game called GTA San Andreas by a developer named Rockstar. Not only for PC, GTA San Andreas is also available for Vicigers to play with Android smartphones.

This legendary game is now available for Android. Naturally, android games it has a collection of cheats available for players to use namely GTA San Andreas Android cheats.

Many players of GTA San Andreas or GTA SA Androids who are looking for cheats for games the.

The functions of the many available cheat collections make the experience of playing Android games even more exciting.

Moreover, there are also many cheats that help players to complete various missions.

Many players are tired of playing GTA San Andreas Android without using cheats, because the gameplay is quite long. Open world game or this open world is very wide, so players don't get bored easily exploring it without cheats.

We have summarized cheats for GTA San Andreas PC and PS2, so it's time for this article to talk about cheats for GTA San Andreas for Android.

There are many useful cheat collections as the name suggests. So, Vicigers will use the available codes to activate certain cheats.

However, there is a more specific way to run cheats in this Android game. Unlike the games available on PC and PS2, GTA San Andreas Android requires additional applications to be able to use cheats.

Before looking at the available cheat collections, let's check the discussion on how to use the cheats below!

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How to Use GTA San Andreas Android Cheats

Keyboard Hackers
Keyboard Hackers. Source: Google Play

To use cheats in the GTA SA Android game, Vicigers requires a special keyboard application.

The application is named Hackers Keyboard or Game Keyboard Android. Vicigers must use this because the default keyboard from Android cannot appear directly.

Vicigers can also use an external keyboard by connecting it with USB or you can also use Bluetooth.

However, if Vicigers doesn't have an external keyboard, don't worry. Vicigers can use the Hackers Keyboard or Game Keyboard application.

With this keyboard application, Vicigers can use cheats in the GTA SA Android game. After installing, let's check out the GTA SA Android cheat collection below!

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GTA San Andreas Android Cheat List

Common Cheats

GTA San Andreas Android
GTA San Andreas Android. Source: Indonesian Journalist

This cheat is a cheat that is commonly used by GTA players as a whole. There are cheats to get armor, money, blood, unlimited ammo, weapon sets, and anti-police. Here are common GTA SA Android cheats:

  • Charging Money, Armor, Blood: PJYNQCQ
  • Unlimited bullets: NECUMZ
  • Aim while driving: RYSRM
  • Anti Police: BYKGOAB
  • Eliminate police stars: KDTZNHO
  • Weapon 1: BEFWKSBQ
  • Weapon 2: SHHIHJG
  • Weapon 3: GOIZSSX
  • Weapon 4: BIEUHQY
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Cheat Player

Cheats for GTA SA Android
Cheats for GTA SA Android. Source: GTAinside

In addition to general cheats, here are cheats that can change and improve the quality of the player's character. This feature is no less important for players who want better character stats:

  • Adrenaline: SLSNRKK
  • Breathe in water: POOOJOX
  • Muscular: SGVDSQW
  • Suicide: SLOTSFK
  • Full respect: MTGIISR
  • Elvis: LNHVOAE
  • Doomsday:NJXPCYE
  • deserted city: DEHDRX
  • Skinny character: AWXDCRJ
  • Full Attraction: APGZLQR
  • Everyone attacks you: FARYJHZ
  • Gambling Skill increased: AFJKBNRP
  • Jetpack: CDGUDEP
  • Immune: GONPXWR
  • Chaos in the city: AKOZBCH
  • Stamina: AEZLCKX
  • Run so Fast: EHWBWDS
  • Run so slow: FNJFCZC
  • Jump: BFMANNZP
  • Parachute:GSUMLEG
  • Getting fat: AESHXWQI
  • Gangs rule the city: HAPOHXR
  • Gangs attack players: EAMLJNN
  • Deathblow / super: LRMYOJM
  • Recruit: JEZRPI
  • RPG Recruit: QAONHOH
  • Recruit AK47 weapons:AWIOMPH

Vehicle Cheats

Vehicle Cheats
Vehicle Cheats. source; YouTube/Tech Vech

Driving with a typical GTA vehicle is one of the uniqueness of this game. GTA players are sure to enjoy driving with good cars and motorbikes, to driving fighter planes at high speed. Here are the GTA SA Android cheats that give vehicles:

  • Long Car or Limousine:IXSMWCQ
  • Super jump on bmx: TDBKCEH
  • Race Car 1: HPGPIJZ
  • Race Car 2: BIEAVBAY
  • Race Car 3: BGJPSYC
  • Rancher Racing Car: BIGLWCDD
  • golf cart: DAHESZY
  • Hearse: PSPNATX
  • Flying car: DOTBSFK
  • nitro: WUSDOTO
  • Steel tank: AYNVQVK
  • Aircraft: PTHSEO
  • Garbage truck: QPOLSVK
  • Cars can go through the water:BDBGXNJI
  • Car floats when hit: JBVIJXA
  • The car explodes when it is hit: BXBTUBTI
  • All good cars: FRIUBIL
  • All cars turn black: GOYDVAO
  • All cars turn pink: GYKVYTR
  • All cars are bad: JTBCSN
  • All cars explode: BKFONFE

Thus the discussion regarding important cheats for GTA SA Android. For Vicigers who want to use the cheat above, they need to use an additional application, namely the keyboard application. The keyboard application is useful for writing available code, as you wish.

Vicigers can also use an external keyboard with USB or Bluetooth, but if Vicigers don't have one, a keyboard application can be a solution. For Vicigers gaming needs, come visit VCGamars Marketplace! Lots of promos and cashback available!

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