5 Best Cheap Gaming Tablets for 2023, Only 3 Million!

cheap gaming tablets

If you are a beginner gamer and are looking for a cheap gaming tablet to make the game better.

The current tablet function is very useful to support work or entertainment alone.

Especially if you have a good tablet that supports playing games, you can use a cheap gaming tablet.

Choosing a cheap gaming tablet at a price of 3 million, with good specifications, of course, cannot be arbitrary. Don't worry, we've summarized the five best ones for you to choose from! 

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List of 3 Million Cheap Gaming Tablets 

Apart from being cheap, this tablet, which costs under Rp. 3 million, also has interesting features.

Even at that price, don't get me wrong, some can operate quickly to have a clear, high-quality screen.

However, we must also be able to choose them correctly. So, it's not wrong to buy.

Here are some tablets that you can use!

Teclast M40 Pro 

Teclast M40 Pro 
Teclast M40 Pro. Source: Youtube.

The Teclast M40 Pro tablet is competitive in its class. The tablet has a 10.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The operating system that runs on this tablet is Android 11 which also has a rhino battery with a capacity of 7000 mAh. 

Equipped with the Unisoc T618 Chipset, this tablet also has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. There is also a TransFlash card slot up to 128 GB. 

This tablet weighs around 540 grams, light for the size of a tablet in its class. Tablet This is suitable for carrying out work, studying or playing light games. The price is only IDR 2.9 million. 

Alldocube iPlay 40

Alldocube iPlay 40 
Alldocube iPlay 40. Source: Youtube.

This tablet from Alldocube doesn't want to be outdone by its competitors, where it launched the iPlay 40 series which is also powered by a chipset from the Unisoc series, the Unisoc T618 to be precise.

The chipset has a speed of up to 2.0 GHz which carries the Mali G52MP2 GPU, and has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Multitasking with this tablet is definitely a lot of fun.

On the plus side, the 10.4-inch tablet is powered by a 6000mAh elephant battery. The operating system itself runs on Android. The price is only IDR 2 million.

Huawei MatePad SE

cheap gaming tablet Huawei MatePad SE 
Huawei MatePad SE. Source: Youtube.

Huawei MatePad SE 10.4 is one of the 3 million cheap gaming tablets. The main advantages of this tablet are its powerful performance, high resolution screen, body resistance and features suitable for children. 

With Snapdragon 680 that supports 6nm fabrication, this tablet can play heavy games like Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile without any problems. 

Everyday activities such as browsing, browsing, browsing and social media are fun. Apart from that, the Huawei MatePad SE 10.4 also offers a multitasking function which, although simple, is useful for improving daily work processes.

You can take advantage of the split screen and floating window features to view three active windows at the same time. 

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 

cheap gaming tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. Source: Youtube.

Who doesn't know Samsung? It turns out that apart from offering a choice of high-end tablets (the Galaxy Tab S series), Samsung has also launched a tablet, namely the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. 

The main attraction of this tablet is its compact screen, which is only 8.7 inches. This makes it light, which is only 366 grams for the WiFi version and 371 grams for the LTE version. 

Apart from that, this cheap gaming tablet also offers a comfortable viewing experience while featuring a solid and premium build quality.

The body uses aluminum which is very unusual for a tablet the size of Rp. 2 million. 

LUNA Twinbook T10 

cheap gaming tablet LUNA Twinbook T10 
LUNA Twinbook T10. Source: Youtube.

The name Luna may sound foreign to your ears, but the tablet product from this company deserves attention. The Luna Twinbook T10 is an edge-to-edge tablet. 

Not only because of its large size, but also because of its WUXGA+ (1200 x 1920 pixels) resolution. Therefore, it is sharp enough in its class so it doesn't hurt the eyes.

With the release of Rp. 2.8 million, the price cannot be sold as a competition. The reason is, most of the competitors on this list have high specifications, such as performance or screen. 

Apart from that, it is undeniable that the Luna Twinbook T10 is an inexpensive tablet that is suitable for watching movies because of its large screen.

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