Tips for Facing Camper Free Fire in End Zone

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Campers Free Fire who often hides in the end zone will surely beat up players who have just entered the zone. Well, to deal with it you need these tips.

Surviving a battle royale match in Free Fire is challenging. Players must keep moving to avoid being squashed or stuck outside the safety zone. To add to this misery, they must also wisely kill or pass opponents to reach the end zone.

This should be quite inconvenient for any player in the match. However, players will also have to deal with Free Fire campers during any match.

These opponents choose to hide and attack at the right moment, landing devastating blows on players and killing them. By following some tips, players can learn how to deal with them.

Players can follow these simple tips to face Free Fire campers in the end zone. Don't miss these important tips.

How to Win From Camper Free Fire

Don't Panic If You Get Shot

Campers Free Fire

The most important thing to remember is not to panic. If the damage continues, the first thing to do is find a hard cover or place a gloo wall. Since the camper doesn't move from his position, players don't have to worry about rushing attacks.

Once cover is earned, the player then needs to ascertain where exactly the shot was fired from. If they manage to find their position, they can then counterattack or use smoke and environmental grenades to escape to safety.

When playing in teams, you can use a simple tactic known as pressing fire to pin down enemies. If playing with a full squad, two players can lay shots to pressure the team, while the other two can move up and engage them from the side.

If the tactics are executed correctly, players can break the deadlock and eliminate Free Fire campers easily. However, be careful when attempting this maneuver, as enemies can easily counter it and secure Booyah.

Use Smoke While Moving

Campers Free Fire

End zone circle in Free Fire very small. This gives Free Fire campers an advantage in battle. Once the Free Fire camper is in position, players in an open area are at risk of sustaining large amounts of damage.

To avoid this scenario, you must use smoke grenades and move around in the smoke to break the enemy's line of sight. While they could still sustain damage from blind shots, it wouldn't be enough to kill them. This way, they would be able to move around easily.

A good way to try to kill them is to throw grenades at them. While this may not lead to a kill as the opponent may get out of the way, if aimed and thrown correctly it will only force them out of position.

If an opponent leaves their position or spins around in fear of taking damage from the grenade, players can use this opportunity to shoot them or rush in. Although this method can be used, there is no guarantee of success.

Defend the Highlands

Campers Free Fire

If possible, you should always keep high ground in the end zone. This will give them great shooting angles to work with and will ensure that there are no campers in the superior end zone.

In contrast, with high ground safety, players can camp and shoot targets in the end zone. If luck favors them and the zone shrinks around them, their winning chances are certain.

Instead of trying to face them using force, you can use tactics to try and win. One of the easiest ways to do this is to rotate around the target for a better position.

While this may not be possible in every game given the situational circumstances, it is by far one of the best options for dealing with campers. Once the players get into position, you have to decide how to approach the target and deal with it.

Discover Hard Cover

Campers Free Fire

An important tip for staying alive when dealing with Free Fire campers is to find hard cover. While a gloo wall will provide a solid defense, hard cover is unbreakable. Players can use this to their advantage and hide behind it indefinitely.

Furthermore, in the end zone, campers aren't the only thing players have to deal with. Other opponents will also move looking to secure kills. for this reason, gloo wall should be kept as a backup.

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Counter-camp Inside the Building

Campers Free Fire
Enemy Position

When rotating behind or flanking the Free Fire camper is not an option, players must be creative and counter-camp. Instead of trying to attack, they had to defend. While there's no guarantee that the camper will strike, players will be safe.

If players can execute this tactic as the safe zone shrinks, they may be able to kill campers while they are spinning. While this will take a lot of planning, it's not impossible to pull it off.

The end zone or the last zone in Free Fire is a very volatile environment. Bullets fly everywhere, abilities are used whenever possible, and campers choose targets one at a time.

In situations like these, there is often no turning back. Players only have a few seconds to decide how to handle the Free Fire camper before a round from AWM finds them and scores a headshot.

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Luckily, by following some of the tips above, you can effectively deal with them and secure Booyah.

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