Miya's Painful Build Recommendation 2023, So Slick!

Miya's Painful Build

Heroes Marksman one of which is often used by Mobile Legends players is Miya. With the right build, Miya can become the worst marksman hero.

This time, VCGamers will discuss about Miya's hurtest build in 2023 so you can become a Gold Laner that provides the highest damage output. Are you curious about Miya's painful build? Check out the discussion below!

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Miya's Painful Build Recommendation 2023

Miya is one of the marksman that is often used for push rank. Mobility, Crit Chance, and high Damage will be very helpful and the damage incurred will be even more painful if you use the appropriate build as below.

Swift Boots

Build Miya Sick Swift Boots
Swift Boots Miya. Source: VCGamers

Swift Boots are one of the shoes that are very suitable for Marksman, seeing the additional Attack Speed stat and of course Movement Speed.

Miya will gain +15% Attack Speed when using Swift Boots. Not only that, Miya will also get +40 Movement Speed.

The additional Movement Speed will be very useful for Miya's agility and Attack Speed will also be very useful for damage output.

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Miya's Build Hurts Windtalker. Source: VCGamers

The first damage item that you can use for the sickest build. Additional stats for this item are +40% Attack Speed, +10% Crit Chance, and +20 Movement Speed.

All of these additional stats are very helpful, especially for the damage output from Miya. As a marksman, additional Attack Speed will be very useful because Miya also uses Basic Attacks as a source of damage.

Furthermore, Miya is famous for the hero who issues Critical Damage tall. Therefore, +10% Crit Chance will help Miya deal more consistent Crit Damage.

Lastly, the Movement Speed will also increase the mobility and agility of this marksman.

Like other items, Windtalker also has a unique passive called Typhoon which will deal Magic Damage against Basic Attacks and buffs against Crit Chance, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed.

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Berserker's Fury

Berserker's Fury for Miya
Berserker's Fury for Miya. Source: VCGamers

The next item that you can make for Miya is Berserker's Fury. Through this item, you can get +65 Physical ATK stats, +25% Crit Chance, and also Crit Damage.

All of these stats are very useful for Miya as a marksman, especially for Crit Chance and Crit Damage. If Miya can deal Critical damage consistently, then this build will hurt even more.

The unique passive available from this item will give +40% Crit Damage and also add +5% Physical Attack for 2 seconds if Miya issues Crit Damage.

Therefore, Miya's damage will hurt more if she takes Crit Damage consistently. By consistently issuing Crit Damage, you can get additional Physical Attack.

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Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom for the Painful Miya Build
Scarlet Phantom for the Painful Miya Build. Source: VCGamers

Scarlet Phantom is a very good item because it gives +30% Physical Attack, +25% Crit Chance, and also +20% Attack Speed.

When using this item, Miya will receive very high additional damage thanks to Crit Chance and Crit Damage will occur more consistently.

After that, there is a passive that gives an additional Attack Speed of +30% and a Crit Chance of 5% for 2 seconds when Miya casts Crit.

This build focuses more on Crit Chance with items like Scarlet Phantom and Berserker's Fury. Therefore, this build is arguably the sickest build for Miya 2023.

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Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword for Build Miya
Demon Hunter Sword for Build Miya. Source: VCGamers

The last item in this recommendation is the Demon Hunter Sword or abbreviated as DHS. DHS is very important for Miya because it gives additional Attack Speed and also Physical Attack.

There is an additional +35 to Physical Attack and +25% Attack Speed. Apart from that, DHS also provides a unique passive that will suit Miya perfectly.

The passive is in the form of additional Physical Attack based on the enemy hero's HP. The greater the HP of the enemy hero, the higher the additional Physical Attack Miya will receive.

Not only that, this passive also provides Lifesteal which is quite useful when teamfighting for Miya's durability as a marksman.

Thus the discussion regarding Miya's hurt build in 2023, I hope this is useful in the Land of Dawn!

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