Build Beatrix Items a la Lovely ASH, Anti-Lose!

This time we will discuss Lovely Ash's Beatrix build items that you can follow to win the game with this hero.

Beatrix is one of the marksman heroes who is very popular in Mobile Legends. This hero has excellent abilities with three different weapons. However, to be able to play Beatrix optimally, you need to arrange the right build items.

This time, we will discuss Beatrix's build item in the style of Lovely ASH, one of the pro players Mobile Legends who is famous for her Beatrix abilities. This build item is guaranteed to make your Beatrix anti-lose!

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Build Beatrix Core Items a la Lovely ASH

Lovely ASH
Lovely ASH build Beatrix. Source: YouTube.

Lovely ASH, RRQ player, won Maniac in the final round of the 2023 Esports President's Cup using the hero Beatrix. In this match, Lovely ASH used the Beatrix build item which focuses on high damage.

The first item that Lovely ASH chose to compose its build was Hunter Strike. Where, this item can provide +80 Physical Attack and reduce Cooldown to 10%.

This item is very suitable for Beatrix, because Beatrix needs a fast cooldown to be able to use her skills quickly.

The second item that Lovely ASH made is Blade of Despair, which gives +160 Physical Attack and +5% Movement Speed. This item provides very high damage, so Beatrix can easily kill enemies with one shot.

After making two offensive items, Lovely ASH then bought a defensive item, namely Immortality. This item gives a second chance to live, so Lovely ASH can continue fighting even though he is dying.

Another defensive item that Lovely ASH purchased is Haas's Claws, which provides 25% Lifesteal. This item allows Beatrix to last longer in battle, because it can restore lost HP.

The last item that Lovely ASH bought was Malefic Roar, which gives +60 Physical Attack and +20% Physical Penetration. This item is very useful against enemies who use defensive items.

With this build item, Lovely ASH managed to win Maniac in the final round of the 2023 Esports President's Cup. This build item can be an inspiration for other Beatrix players who want to increase their damage.

Optional Items

After buying core items, you can buy optional items according to your needs. Here are some optional items that you can buy:

Wind of Nature

WoN ML items
Wind of Nature. Source: VCGamers

This item will provide an immune effect against physical attacks for several seconds. Very useful for fighting dangerous physical damage heroes.

The way to use Wind of Nature is to activate its passive active when attacked by a Physical Damage hero. The immune effect will be active for 2 seconds, and the cooldown is 70 seconds.

Wind of Nature is a very powerful item, but also expensive. The price is 2670 Gold, and can only be purchased by marksman heroes.

Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar for Natalia's Painful Build
Malefic Roar. Source: VCGamers

This item will increase Beatrix's damage to minions and jungle monsters. Very useful for speeding up farming and tower push.

Wind of Nature is a mandatory item for Beatrix, especially if you play against dangerous physical damage heroes. This item will provide an immune effect against physical attacks for a few seconds, which is very useful for survival.

Apart from survival, Wind of Nature can also be used to attack opponents. When the immune effect is active, you can attack your opponent without fear of taking damage. This can be used to deal a lot of damage to your opponent, especially if you use a Beatrix weapon that has high damage, such as Beatrix's Sniper and Beatrix's Canon.

Hunter's Strike

Fanny Ice Hunter's Tough Boots. jpeg
Hunter's Strike. Source: YouTube.

This item will increase Beatrix's movement speed and attack speed. Very useful for chasing enemies and pursuing targets.

Hunter's Strike is a physical damage item that is very suitable for Beatrix. This item provides a significant increase in attack speed and movement speed, which is very useful for increasing Beatrix's mobility and damage.


ML Immortal Defense Items
Immortal. Source: VCGamers

This item will provide a revive effect, which can make Beatrix come back to life after dying. Very useful for surviving in team fight.

Immortality's revive effect will be active after Beatrix dies. When this effect is active, Beatrix will come back to life with 10% HP and 100 Mana. Apart from that, Beatrix will also get a shield that absorbs 1200 damage.

Immortality has a cooldown of 180 seconds. This item can be purchased at the shop for 2400 gold.

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Tips for Using Beatrix a la Lovely ASH

Beatrix, Wallpaper Mobile Legends HD.
Beatrix. Source

Launching from the Kincir page, here are some tips for using Beatrix like Lovely ASH.

Focus on the Early Game

Beatrix has enormous damage in the early game, so take advantage of this opportunity to get kills and snowballs.

Use the Right Weapon

Beatrix has three different weapons, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Use the right weapon according to the situation to get maximum results.

Be careful with CC heroes

Beatrix is very vulnerable to CC, so always be careful of CC heroes like Chou, Franco, and Kaja.

By following the tips above, you can play Beatrix more optimally and avoid losing like a pro player Lovely ASH!

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