5 Best Freya Build Items in Season 25 Mobile Legends

Freya's build in season 25 is required for fighter type players to win every match in Mobile Legends. 

This hero has Crowd Control ability that can jump over walls and immediately chase his enemies. Not only that, he also has a Basic Attack that can quickly reduce the enemy's health. So it's very useful in the late game.

Using a build is one of the most important things when playing Mobile Legends because the build structure has a big impact on the performance of the hero you use, Freya is weak and easy to beat if you use the wrong build item layout.

Through this discussion, you can use the best Freya build recommendations reported from the page coil and supplybraid.

Best Freya Build Item Season 25 MLBB

To win the game smoothly, check Freya's build items below, so you can get savage easily.

Warrior Boots

The best build for Freya is using Warruir Boots

This hero requires movement speed and a good level of defense. With high movement speed, he can launch attacks effectively.

On the other hand, he with high defense can be a difficult initiator. Under these conditions, Warrior Boots maybe it could be a suitable starting item choice for him.


Freya's build is best using Windtalker

This item will increase the attack speed of passive skills that synergize with Typhoon's passive abilities Windtalker. So it can cause more damage.

Windtalker provides 40 percent attack speed, 20 percent movement speed, and 10 percent critical chance. Attack speed boost and critical chance are two important attributes for Freya. 

Blade of Despair

making Freya even more OP with Blade Of Despair

The thinner the opponent's blood, the more painful the damage this item deals. If a hero attacks an opponent whose HP is below 50 percent, the hero's physical attack increases by 25 percent for 2 seconds. This effect is only active before the opponent takes damage.

Endless Battles

Freya is very good at using Endless Battle items

As you can see, these items have many attributes that are sure to make them win the battle. Not only damage, this item also increases mana, hp, lifesteal, movement speed and cooldown reduction.

Amazingly, every 3 seconds your basic attack deals an additional 60 percent real damage that ignores and absorbs all types of weapons.

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Use Immortality for Freya's build items

This item brings you back to life from death. If you die, it will regenerate for 2.5 seconds and give 16 percent HP and a shield that absorbs up to 1200 damage.

The shield given only lasts for 3 seconds. Unfortunately, this item's active ability is quite long, which is 210 seconds. 

That was the list of the most dangerous Freya build recommendations in season 25 of Mobile Legends. The build that we recommend above is the recommended item from jess no limit, a professional player and the world's number one. Quick attack, heavy life steal, anti-death, easy savage!

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