5 Painful Bane Build Items in Season 25 Mobile Legends

build Bane

Bane is one of the best tank destroyer heroes in season 25 Mobile Legends. However, Bane's build items cannot be haphazard so they can be used to fill 3 lanes at once, be it Hyper, Gold or EXP lanes. 

As a hero with a warrior as the main character, he has very high damage and resistance. Later in the game, this character can fend off enemy attacks using tanks. The cooldown of each skill is also fast enough to be used repeatedly to kill opponents. 

As a character marksmen, he is often used to take down low defense enemy characters such as mage, marksman, and other assassins. Not only that, later in the game, he can easily kill chunky characters like fighters or tanks.

List of Bane Season 25 MLBB Build Items

If you want to use it in Ranked mode, make sure you always have a lot of gold so you can buy items right away. Here are the best Bane build items in season 25 of MLBB.

Warrior Boots

Warrior-Boots - Barats build
Warruir Boots as the best item for Bane

You can buy this item if your opponent has a character with physical damage. These shoes will really help you, especially in the early game, because they reduce physical damage from opposing characters.

The uniqueness of this shoe is that when you receive consecutive basic attacks from your opponent, the protection you provide will increase.

War Ax

War Ax okay
war ax as the best item for Bane

Every 3 seconds, this item deals additional damage to the enemy with 9 physical attacks, stacking up to 8 to 72 physical attacks. Of course this is a very high amount of damage, suitable for characters who can continuously deal damage, be it skills or basic attacks.

Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny
clock of destiny as the best item for Bane

Choose Clock of Destiny to increase the Magic Shoes move. This item is great for Bane builds as it provides more potential magic damage and increases health and mana.

If the stack is filled in a few minutes, this item grants an additional 300 mana and 5 percent mana. The passive effect is also increased by adding 30 HP and 5 mana for a few seconds after casting an active skill.

Holy Crystals

true damage mobile legends calamity reaper
holy crystal as the best item for Bane

In order to increase the magic power after using the Clock of Destiny, it is best to use the Holy Crystal item.

Apart from adding 100 mana, this item can also be used to optimize damage, making attacks more painful at the start of a match. Holy crystal can also increase the passive effect of magic power by up to 35 percent.

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Genius Wand

Genius Wand
Genius Wand as the best item for Bane

To cause very painful damage, this item is one of the items used to fill disease paths.

It's true that other heroes rarely use this item, but who would have thought for a martial hero, this item is an important item for increasing magic power, magic penetration, and increasing movement speed.

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Even if the opponent uses a magical defense object, this item can still increase passive skills by reducing the opponent's resistance to 10 when in an attack position.

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