BNL Beard: The Explanation and Reasons Why It's Popular

BNL beard

In-game Free Fire there is a rare and legendary item, namely the Man's Mask or BNL Beard.f

Previously, this item was only released on a limited basis at an event, so many new players didn't have it.

So, for those of you who want to get the BNL Beard item, here we share how to get it easily!

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What is Man's Mask or BNL Beard in Free Fire?

FF beard
FF beard. Source:

BNL beard is a skin that is included in the rare skin category in Free Fire. It's not surprising, because this skin has been released a long time ago by Garena, as game developers this.

The BNL beard itself first appeared in Free Fire at the Christmas event in season 6. To get this skin you have to collect Candy Fragments.

And to get Candy Fragments, you have to play Free Fire on ranked mode or Classic continuously. 

After that, you can exchange it for the BNL Beard skin. In other words, this item does not require diamonds to get it.

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Reasons Why BNL Beards Are So Popular on Free Fire

FF account
Reasons Why BNL Beards Are So Popular on Free Fire. Source: Garena Free Fire/Google

Below we present the reasons why many players want to get this item:

This is an old item

This item is a rare old item, so many Free Fire players hunt for it. 

And for veteran players, of course they already have this item because they followed the release date first.

Popularized by One Youtuber

This is the reason why the Old Man's Mask item is so sought after by Free Fire players in Indonesia.

Initially, there was a gaming YouTuber who often used this item, which made the popularity of this beard item increase.

Figure YouTubers This is the name of the BNL channel, which is a YouTuber from the Middle East. 

And the name of the YouTube channel also makes the name of this item BNL Beard.

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Other Popular Old Free Fire Items 

FF character
Other Popular Old Free Fire Items. Source: Garena Free Fire/Google

Apart from beard items, there are still many popular old Free Fire items.

The reason why many people are still looking for this old school item is because this item is quite rare and difficult to get. So when you have this item it becomes an added value.

Here is a list of popular old school items:

The Executioner's machete

You can use this old school item when fighting at short distances with enemies.

UMP Ruby

This item is the first skin in FF. In the past, to get this weapon you had to top up diamonds.

Red Jacket

This red jacket is an old school shirt worn by FF players. When this item was first released, it was highly sought after because it was one of the first items in FF.

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So, that's our discussion this time regarding the BNL Beard in Free Fire. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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