Blade Armor Counter Scarlet Phantom And Windtalker?

Blade Armor

Hola Vicigers! Before you know items Blade Armor in MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang), you should know that there are 2 terms in gameplay MLBB (Mobile Legend: Bang Bang) which is used to fight enemies, namely:

Basic Attack

Basic attacks is an attack using a basic attack or hits. Every heroes have different basic attacks, some use punches, archery, kicks, and so on


Whereas skills is to fight the enemy using force skills and ultimate. You must activate skillsskills which heroes you have before activating ultimate.

MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) has a lot of them gears which you can use to upgrade status and provide special effects in the game. The special effects in question are passive and unique passive.

Basically developers from MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) separately provides counters of each provided gear. However, a lot player who do snowballing  for not maximizing counter build.

When you enter late game this method is considered less effective because you will lose advantage from enemy gear.

Blade Armor is one of the defense items the one on MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang). Defense items this one is rarely used anymore by the player. In fact Blade Armor items it's suitable for Marksman counter heroes.

Items this one is also quite cheap, which is only 1,660 gold. Even though the price is cheap, the benefits provided by defense items this one is amazing, lol!

Items Blade Armor this gives an additional 90 points on Physical Defense. With the addition of 90 points this will make you stronger and more resistant damage given by the enemy.

Items it is suitable for use in early game because the price is cheap. Heroes suitable for using items this is tank heroes for having Health Point and armor which is strong enough.

Items Blade Armor this is suitable for mcounters Marksman attack when late game   examples are used by Johnson, Uranus as well as Tigreal. 

Defense items it has a passive skills ie change as much as 25% from Physical Attack enemy as Physical Damage to opponents who attack the heroes you use with basic attacks.

The opponent gives basic attacks to heroes that you use will be affected damage amounted to 25% of totaldamage which he produces. Passive skills This is perfect for clickingcounters heroes Marksman.

Items frequently used by heroes Marksman is Windtalker and Scarlet Phantom. These two items constitute offensive items which is used to increase critical attacks and also attack speed. These two items can also improve Damage Per Second (DPS)

Second items this is usually used by Marksman to kill enemies all at once. To generate DPS values (Damage Per Second) which you can combine with Berserker's Fury.

Scarlet Phantom can be combined with Bersekers' Fury, with this combination you can eliminate non-tank heroes quickly.

Passive owned by named items Berserker's Fury can give 65% Critical Chance. If you have entered the Late Game, it is recommended to choose Rose Gold Meteor items and QueenWings. Both items are useful if Health Point heroesyou low.

Besides Scarlet Phantom, Windtalker Also suitable when combined with Berserker's Fury because items this will give you speed in attack and Critical Chance tall but not as tall Scarlet Phantom.

Blade Armor can be an effective antidote to the effects of Windtalker items or Scarlet Phantom what makes  Damage Per Second (DPS) from heroes Marksman increased.

The following heroes can be discounted with Blade Armor items:

  1. Badang

Moment early game, Badang will not be able to move if he fights heroes with blade armor items.

  1. Wanwan
Latest Wanwan Skin in Mobile Legends August 2021!

3. Roger


4. Kimmy

5. Claude

Claude (Marksman Role) Hero Savage Season 18

As soon as possible Attack Speed that Claude had would lose if he was oncounters use items this, especially now early game.

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