5 Best Scribd Downloader Sites 2023

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For a student, they definitely need reading sources, references, books on the Internet to help with their assignments and it is very important to know Scribd Downloader as a means of getting these documents.

Scribd is quite well known among students because it can help find reading references.

However, please note that Scribd can only be accessed by users who already have an account, including downloading documents.

For some people who don't have an account, it will be very lazy and it will be a hassle for them to get these documents.

Apart from that, you have to premium your account first so you can download without limits.

So, many people are confused about downloading documents on Scribd.

Therefore, we will recommend the 5 Best Scribd Downloader sites in 2023 that you can use! What do you think?

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What is Scribd?

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Scribd (Source: G2)

According to Scribd, this site is a digital library that provides e-Books, Audio Books, Articles, Podcasts, Documents, Sheet Music and Magazines, all available here.

Scribd is quite complete and has provided more than 1 million documents, ranging from Best Seller Books to Published Articles and you can also find various topics you are looking for.

If you want to upload documents to your Scribd, all you have to do is create an account first.

Apart from that, Scribd offers a premium subscription at a fairly affordable cost so you can upload and download unlimited documents.

However, for those of you who don't want to log in because you have to subscribe, of course you can still access Scribd, but you still won't be able to read it in full.

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Scribd Downloader site

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Scribd (Source: CNBC Indonesia)

You need to know, guys, it turns out you don't have to worry about creating a Scribd account to be able to download documents.

There is a site that can help you get Scribd documents there and you should try it because it's very simple, really!


The first Scribd Downloader site is Scribd.vdownloaders.com, as a site for downloading documents on Scribd. The following are the steps, namely:

  • Visit Scribd and copy the link of the document you want to download.
  • Visit the site scribd.vdownloaders.com.
  • After that, you paste the link in the column provided.
  • Click 'Get Download Now'.
  • Verify the Captcha until it is successful.
  • Click 'Download PDF'.
  • Wait up to 10 seconds until your document is ready to download.
  • Click 'Download PDF'.
  • Done.


The second Scribd Downloader site is DocDownloader. Here you can download documents from several online library archive sites, such as Scribd, Isuu, Slideshare and Academia.

However, since we are discussing Scribd. So, here are the steps for downloading documents via the DocDownloader site, namely as follows:

  • Visit Scribd and copy the link of the document you want to download.
  • Visit the site DocDownloader.
  • Click the 'Scribd Downloader' option.
  • Paste the link that you copied from Scribd earlier.
  • Click 'Get Link'.
  • Captcha verification until complete.
  • Click 'Download PDF'.
  • Scroll down a bit.
  • Later, there will be the options 'Download as PDF', 'Download as Word' and 'Download as PPTX', just choose what type of file you want to download.
  • Once clicked, you will be redirected to the 'Convert' site.
  • Click 'Download' and you're done.


The third Scribd Downloader site is DLSCRIBD.net. Almost the same as other Scribd Downloader sites, here you can also download documents from Scribd.

The following are the steps, namely as follows:

  • Visit Scribd and copy the link of the document you want to download.
  • Visit the site Scribd.net.
  • Paste the link you copied from Scribd earlier in the column provided.
  • Click 'Download'.


The fourth Scribd Downloader site is Scribd.Downloader.Is. Not many people know about this site, but you can also use it by:

  • Visit Scribd and copy the link of the document you want to download.
  • Visit the site scribd.downloader.is.
  • Paste the copied link in the column provided.
  • Click 'Download'.
  • Scroll down and find the words 'Download' again.
  • Done.


The last Scribd Downloader site is freepdfdownloader.com. Here you can also download PDF files from Slideshare, Research Gate, Course Hero, Academia, Studocu, Scribd.

The following are the steps you can take to download, namely as follows:

  • Visit Scribd and copy the link of the document you want to download.
  • Visit the site Freepdfdownloader.com.
  • Then, you can paste the document link from Scribd in the column provided there.
  • Click 'Convert to PDF'.
  • Wait until the conversion has finished.
  • Click 'Download'.
  • Wait until it's finished.
  • Scroll down and click 'Start Download'.
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So, those are 5 Scribd Downloader sites that can make it easier for you to get documents from Scribd without having to create an account.

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