5 Best Pets for Aggressive Gameplay on FF Advance Server OB35

FF Advanced Server OB35

If Vcigers friends have an aggressive playing style, getting one of these 5 pets is quite necessary when you play on FF Advanced Server OB35.

Garena has been constantly improving the pet system by adding new pets every time the “OB” patch drops. They are an important part of the Free Fire battle, especially in Ranked mode where every little thing matters. Players will need all the advantages they can get in a rush, including pet skills.

In this article, VCGamers will present the five best pets for aggressive gameplay on FF Advance Server OB35.

List of the Best Pets on FF Advance Server OB35

If you have an aggressive playing style or like to play barbarians, you can use the five pets below.


FF Advanced Server OB35
Use Falcon pet for Booyah

Falco stay the best pet in competitive ranked mode, especially when you play squad mode. With Falco, you and your team will be able to land quicker and loot earlier, which is a huge advantage over other late arriving teams.

Many teams in the Ranking carry Falco, so you definitely need to have him to even the odds.

Detective Panda

FF Advanced Server OB35
Using pet Panda for Booyah

With ability Jota who is super strong in melee combat, you can stack healing by stacking him and Detective Panda together.

With both skills active you will gain up to 60 HP with every kill which is almost on par with a Medkit. In Clash Squad, this can definitely affect the outcome of the battle.

Healing is always useful, regardless of amount, even 1 HP can make a difference in rare circumstances. That's why Detective Panda is always on the list of the best healing pets in Free Fire matches.


FF Advanced Server OB35
Using Beaston's pet for Booyah

Beaston is one of the new pets in Free Fire. This is a baboon that is quite stylish, wearing “guerrilla style” clothes and carrying some ammunition.

Ability Beaston will increase the throw range of the grenade by 30 percent, which is very useful when in a hurry. This affects all grenades, from glow walls to flashbangs, and smoke.

Although many players underestimate this ability, Beaston's passive is actually very good. Extra range to throw grenades earlier and more accurately, which results in more advantages.


FF Advanced Server OB35
Use the Waggor pet for Booyah

Waggor's ability grants an unlimited supply of Gloo Grenades. If you have less than 2, it will give you one every 100 seconds. Overall, Mr. Waggor is one of the most useful pets in the game, especially in Battle Royale mode where Gloo Walls are always needed.

A single gloo wall can provide a possibly life-saving cover, especially in the later phases of a match.

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FF Advanced Server OB35
Use pet Rockie for Booyah

With all the skills in Free Fire getting a longer cooldown in OB35, Rockie's abilities are getting more and more popular. This is the only source of cooldown reduction in the game and definitely worth the investment.

Rockie's ability, Stay Chill, reduces the cooldown time of your active skills by 6 percent at level 1 and 15 percent at level 3. However, if players are planning to use a character with a shorter cooldown like Alok, Rockie may not be the best pet to use.

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Of the five best pets above, which one will you use in the FF Advance Server OB35 update? Write your answer in the comments column!

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