5 Best Assault Rifles in Free Fire, Beginner Players Must Try This!

Free Fire's Best Assault Rifle, Beginner Players Must Try This!

Get info on the 5 best Assault Rifles Free Fire in this article. For novice players, it is really mandatory to try this weapon.

All the weapons in the FF game have several types, just like in the PUBG Mobile game. One of the weapons that players often use in battle is the Assault Rifle (AR). There are only a few of the best Assault Rifle weapons in Free Fire for now.

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games that gives players an extraordinary graphical appearance and gameplay. It is a battle royale game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. Released on August 23, 2017, this game is the most downloaded game globally in 2019.

This game gives players to choose several weapons, such as Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SMG, Melee, and many more. Each sub-category of the weapons list has many different weapons for players to choose from.

Today, we will provide a list of the 5 Best Assault Rifles for Free Fire that can be used in Garena Free Fire battles.

Free Fire's Best Assault Rifle List


Free Fire's first best Assault Rifle is AUG, equipped with interchangeable double mirrors, strong individual combat effectiveness. AUG is rarely found throughout the game. If you find it, it can be equipped with a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope, and stock.

The damage from AUG can give as much as 56 and the long reload speed is one of the drawbacks of this AR. You can find AUG in supplies or only in certain locations on the Free Fire map.


The M14 is a long-range Assault Rifle, which functions almost like a sniper rifle when needed. This is mostly used when the team needs high damage penetration on the opposing team. Can be equipped with a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, and scope.

The damage that this AR gives is very large, it can reach 70 percent. As for reloading, it's still like AR in general.


Groza is an AR that has high damage and long range AR with great stability. Groza is probably the best and most powerful Assault Rifle Free Fire has ever seen. AR weapons can be equipped with silencers, muzzles, foregrips, magazines, scopes, and stocks.

The reload speed of Groza is 48 and shooting accuracy can reach 50 percent. Groza is indeed very complex to use in any battlefield. There is nothing to doubt about this AR. Very suitable for use by novice players.

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M4A1 is one of the best Assault Rifles in Free Fire for novice players. It is a well-balanced AR suitable for all combat situations due to its high stability and medium range. The M4A1 is the easiest weapon to use which can be equipped with a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope and stock.

The low level of balance and recoil makes the M4A1 always used in medium and long range combat. Even if you don't use attachments at all, M4A1 is still stable enough to shoot bullets at enemies.


FAMAS is a burst mode weapon that fires 3 bullets at once and is very deadly in medium to long range combat. This ARl is known for its fast rate of fire and can be equipped with a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, scope, and stock.

However, Famas has the disadvantage that it cannot be used over long distances. Because the accuracy of the bullet becomes unstable. Not recommended for long range combat.

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So, those are the 5 best Assault Rifles for Free Fire that must be tried for novice players. Apart from SMG, AR is the weapon most often used for combat in FF.

AR can be used on a close, medium to long range battle scale. Of course this is the strength of all AR in Free Fire. So, Vicigers friends, which AR do you choose?

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