Benefits of Playing PUBG Mobile FPP Mode

pubg fpp mode

PUBG Mobile is a game with the battle royale genre which has 2 vision modes, namely FPP PUBG Mobile and TPP. TPP is Third Person Perspective, the vision offered is broad vision and you can see your own character.

While FPP is FirstPerson Perspective, FPP's vision is realistic vision where the screen only shows areas that can be seen through the player's own eyes. It's more difficult indeed, but what are the benefits of playing with PUBGM's FPP mode. Check out the following review/

Benefits of Frequently Using PUBG Mobile FPP Mode

  • Improve Playing Skills

Because the vision offered is smaller, therefore FPP indirectly requires players to play using even better skills and tactics. All players who play using TPP mode may not necessarily be able to play using FPP, while players who play FPP mode certainly have good TPP skills.


  • More Aggressive

The vision offered in FPP mode makes players play more aggressively. When using TPP mode you can see the situation behind you without needing to turn around, you cannot do this in FPP mode.


Everything in FPP mode is set very realistically by following the actual quality of human vision. Usually players who use FPP mode will often jump to expand their vision.


  • Realistic Playing Knowledge

FPP mode emphasizes realistic gameplay. Even though it is more difficult than TPP mode, you can get heart satisfaction after playing with a higher FPP mode when you win it.


  • Fairer Game

Usually players who use TPP mode find it easier to attack opponents secretly because they are used by the TPP game. For example, you only have to paste a player with cover, then see your opponent's movements by sliding the screen.


Meanwhile in FPP mode when you use this system, there's nothing you can see, only the cover that covers your face and also your vision.


Tips for Playing FPP Mode

  • Adaptation

In this mode, you are required to be eyes for the character and you can only see right and left. Maybe for players who often play FPS games such as Call of Duty and Point Blank this is not a problem because they have become daily 'food'.


But for those who are not used to it, it becomes difficult and it is not uncommon for players to experience dizziness. Therefore PUBG provides a lot of BOT in this mode so that players who are not used to it can feel calmer. The point is you have to get used to playing FPP mode.


  • FPP Mode settings

The settings in FPP PUBG Mobile are not much different when compared to TPP mode. The most basic difference is only in the 1st perspective camera view setting. The greater the setting, the wider the visibility that can be reached.


As you know, FPP Mode has a weakness in limited view, therefore, to optimize your view, you can make the setting full so that your character's field of view is wider.


  • Another weakness in FPP Mode is the difficulty of knowing the presence of enemies through the sound of footsteps. If in TPP Mode player footprints can be seen on the map, but in this mode it is very difficult to detect, they don't even appear at all.


Therefore you have to prepare a better headset, at least so that the sound through the headset can be louder than the sound that is near you.


  • More careful

Always look for a safer position and try not to choose a position that is too open. That's because your view can't be clear when in TPP Mode. If an opponent shoots at you from behind, it will be difficult for you to immediately dodge and it will be very difficult to guess where the enemy is.


For that, every movement you have to pay attention to the back first, don't let your opponent aim from behind. Don't forget to use smoke to trick your opponent when the zone is smaller.


  • Try Using Scopes

Many say that in FPP Mode the player's aim can be more focused even though they don't use a scope, but for some people this doesn't apply. Use the scope whenever you want to shoot, using the scope of the shot that is launched will be more focused and more stable.


Especially when running, the ammo that is issued will also be more troublesome and as a result you will die first.

Based on the reviews above, I hope the tips and benefits of playing PUBG Mobile FPP mode can be useful. Thank you and see you in the next article.

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